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If you are a homeowner, you might have received an “I want to buy your house” letter.  You head to the mailbox and pull out a letter from someone who claims to be looking for properties in your area. Someone might even show up at your door. Your first thought is likely to be that it’s nothing but...
This is a project we worked on a few years ago in Altadena, CA. We don't come across mid-century modern homes often, so this was a really fun one for us! My favorite features were the refinished concrete floors and the kitchen!          Come see the rest of the before & after photos (While you're...
If I Could Tell Homeowners Facing Foreclosure 3 Things, They Would be…   Give yourself time, don’t delay. I see homeowners facing foreclosure sticking their heads in the sand way too often. When they realize they actually need to sell, it’s generally within a few weeks of their auction date. When...
It was an absolute pleasure working with this seller. This was the home she grew up in and eventually inherited. Unfortunately, she inherited some bad tenants along with it. She wanted and needed out, with as little hassle as possible.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS Staging by www.MovingMountainsDe...
Seller had hopes of one day fixing up this home in North Pasadena Heights historical district. Unfortunately, money was tight but we were able to work out a deal before the home was foreclosed upon.       CLICK HERE FOR MORE
  Sellers sold their home to me after they inherited it. There were a few hurdles to jump through, as there were siblings all over CA, but we got it done!       Click here to see the rest!    
What is Title Insurance? Title insurance is important in each and every real estate purchase.  Title insurance protects the buyer.  It insures that he or she is getting “clear and marketable” title to the property. About Title Insurance There is a one-time fee (non-recurring fee) for title insura...
Have you ever heard of a reverse mortgage? A reverse mortgage is a type of mortgage/home loan that gives older homeowners, older than 62, access to the equity in their home.  A reverse mortgage also allows the homeowner to defer loan payments until they sell their home or, ultimately, until they...
Is it time to sell your house? I talk to sellers every day who are thinking of selling their house.  Should you sell your house?  It may be an inherited house, a second house, a rental house or the house they live in.  We all know that the inflated home prices of a few years ago are long gone.  ...
When I sell my Pasadena house, what will I pay in fees? Great question!  And one I get often.  When someone sells their house to me, we use an escrow company.  And you should ALWAYS use an escrow company.  Why?  Because there are people out there who seem friendly and normal, but they are out to ...

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