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In my 14 years of being a Realtor I have seen many agents come and go. I have seen many have their moments of success, but only very few can sub-stain a level of success. Of the agents I know that have acomplished this task all have in common a positive attitude and the willingness to share.   Bu...
I am very frustrated. I have had at least 3 listings in the past year that should have been allowed to be listed as 2 property types. But MLS says NO. For example, I have a 3 family that is Zoned commercial. The best use is commercial however it is currently being used as a multi-family. Shouldnt...
What is that? Well you know those deals that you go to close and the buyer attornets say there is NO   C of O for the deck? Garage? Only a legal 3 BR instead of the 4 you put on the listing? Well we can help.  We will get the house in compliance quicker & cheaper than anyone. http://www.inclinerp...
As I am sitting here listening to our new unlicensed assistant make calls to recruit listings for our new rental web site, I wonder why are there SO many rentals available? I mean with the supposed tons of people losing there homes and less people qualifying for loans why are there so many vacanc...
Attention all buyers!!   The Super Bowl is Over! You may now Start Real Estate shopping!   That is all :)   Have a great day!!!  
About a year ago I had this Tiny cabin for rent. It was adorable but very small and kind of rustic. I personally couldn't have lived there for more than weekend. This woman called and asked to go see it. Well at the time I can honestly say that driving 20 miles to show a rental was NOT a priority...
I just read a blog about an agent who felt like another agent was dishonest. I really was surprised at all the comments from other agents stereo-typing Realtors.   I mean Realtors are human. If you take any group of humans, monks, doctors, engineers, teachers etc.....you will have a small percent...
I actually mean Ice not snow but snow went better with the title. So... Yesterday I had to accompany an agent to show one of my listings. This is the day after a huge ice storm. She gets out of her car with Stilettos on. My Client drives by and sees this calls me on my cell telling me to refuse t...
I just love it. Commercial & Multi families are amazingly simple to price right. I mean its a simple formula like how many years willl it take to pay this property off??  annual net operating income / cost (or value) = Capitalization Rate I wish we had been using this formula for residential all ...

Jennifer Maher

Jenn Maher
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Jennifer Maher Director/ Associate Broker J.Philip Real Estate Vice President Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors Director New York State Association of Realtors Chair Woman of the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce 914-330-7222 Lets connect Please like my FB business page A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. I look forward to helping you make that happen.