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It's been a busy year in Putnam County. Let's start with Economic Development projects. The county has several shopping centers in the works.  On the table there is Union Place that is on the border on Mahopac & Somers, Patterson Crossing right off 84 & 311. And the Putnam County Economic Develop...
Just some info on the MTA tax and its effect on Putnam County Projected financial impact on Putnam County.895,438,000 x .0034 = 3,044,489.20 excludes self employed (Total Put Co 2006 Payroll) cty paid 17,778,631in 2007 x .0034 = 60,447 (total govt payroll) total estimated tax burden of MTA Tax: $...
I am wearing several hats as I write this blog. 1. a Business owner 2. a Property owner  3. President of the Local Chamber of Commerce  4. A Realtor sworn to protect property values 5. Someone who strives for and  attempts to  practices compassion always in all things So this topic is not one I a...
 I cant believe how often I take a listing and there are finished basements, bonus rooms,bedrooms,inground pools, sheds, all without C of O's. Times have changed! These properties more than likely will not make it to the closing table wiwth these violations! YES even if you bought it that way!And...
Today while siiting at my desk at the front window at Incline Real Property Services I did the following: Negotiated a short sale, CMA on 5 vacant lots, in put a new listing to 10 web sites, negotiated a rental, helped 3 of my agents with their transactions, debated with the MLS over the rules, f...
As I write this letter to you I am ending  Day 1 in my new quest of a Vegan Lifestyle .There are many aspects to why I have made this dietary choice, such as philosophical & health reasons. But for me it boils down to the one thing I have lacked my whole life, Discipline.  I have come to believe ...
Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. ~Andrew Carnegie As I write this first Presidents letter I am reflecting upon the...
It seems the message the Government is sending is that you dont  have to pay your mortgage! Pfft! I mean I have had several clients who would rather see their house go to foreclosure that sell it and walk away with a few dollars! What is that about??   What happened to good old fashioned pride? W...
While my income has been severely impacted by this down turn in the economy, I cant recall a more exciting time in my career and or life. The oppurtunites are endless. Not to mention the need to actually use the skills that set me/you apart from all the other Realtors out there.
 I guarantee you quick & easy money if you can just refer some commercial leads to your favorite Commercial broker. (I wouldnt mind if that happens to be me) Residential agents are in a natural position to come by potential commercial buyers and sellers. Instead of turning down that business or b...

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Jennifer Maher Director/ Associate Broker J.Philip Real Estate Vice President Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors Director New York State Association of Realtors Chair Woman of the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce 914-330-7222 Lets connect Please like my FB business page A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. I look forward to helping you make that happen.