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Always looking for great input to help me build personally & professionally. Anything to help in these hard times.
Well I wanted to see what other professionals thought about the current opinion regarding bank owned / foreclosed homes getting inspected. Business has been a bit slow due to the holidays & economy, although there are still homes being bought. The Sacramento Bee listed about 1000+ bank owned home...
This is the million dollar question & i'm sure there are about that many answers as well. For a few years now I have tried to get my business name out there. Tried some direct mailing, email, phone, ect. It has not only taken time but some resources without much of a return. I'm aware that a majo...
Question regarding inspection association? & how they reflect what sort of customers you get? I am currently a member with InterNACHI (formerly NACHI) which has been a great expierence.In California they have just come out with CAL NACHI (california NACHI) which is very similar and also included ...
Being a home inspector is the best change I ever made. Not only do I love my work but I am looking to further my skills everyday.what type of things do real estate professionals like in a home inspector?What if any is the deciding factor in choosing your inspector?Examples: types of reports, repo...
It comes down to the old saying," you get what you pay for".Recently I have noticed more calls asking about cost. Not really worried about what type of service if offered. The current price structure I use is at least middle of the road, to be somewhat competitive for my area.  Top knotch compute...
I am new to this Blog thing so bare with me. Home inspections are a very important part of buying or selling a home. I have never heard of such a service for the cost. Can you put a cost on your famalies health, security & well being for the next 25 years? All homes need to be inspected before th...


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Inspection topics such as costs, methods, pros n cons, refferal building and what ever else more you can think of.