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Just wanting to educate people: Always looking out for your best interest. In regards to lending, I am very creative, intuitive, honest, and one who communicates information, may it be good or bad. I am a loan officer that looks out for your best interest.



    I know many of us are probably sick of reading about Countrywide and Angelo Mozilo, but let's take a look behind the scenes. Many of us know that Bank of America will buy Countrywide for 4 Billion dollars, that's if everything goes through. Matt Heaton talks about a break up fee if Bank of Am...
  Did I get you to open this link?  Read on if you want to learn how to get more business from your titles. Would you have clicked if I said, "My title is so catchy, it's great....don't you agree??? "  What if I would have said, "learn good title content". --  ?? Not as flashy and maybe slightly ...
  I have been doing this for over 15 years, lending money. I enjoy helping people sometimes achieving their dream of purchasing their first home or helping others just upgrading or refinancing. Doctors give life when delivering a new born and the parents are so thrilled, may it be their first ch...
My childhood Music Memories ..... I have mentioned this before, but music has been my calendar for most of my life. I can relate so much to what happened in my life because of music. This of course will certainly be a walk down memory lane. I was a shy person when growing up. Yes, imagine that. ...
  Mortgage insurance, may it be FHA or conventional, is not as confusing as it may seem. Especially if you have a qualified mortgage consultant that knows the ins and outs of mortgage insurance.     A quick glimpse of the different meanings : FHA --  MIP = Mortgage Insurance Premium  (These are a...
  You are sitting at the closing table and the title company says that your mortgage money is not in their account as of yet. What could this mean? Possibly no closing or maybe a dry closing? I was inspired to write this because of many of the comments from other real estate agents in a blog tha...
MIP update as of 10/1/08  -- New Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium Changes   Educating the consumer is sometimes the simplest in form, but can be so misleading by those that don't do their research or know what they are talking about. I tell people that I am not god nor am I perfect, but I do c...
 Were they rumors that were floating around that Bank of America was going to buy Countrywide? Matt Heaton gave a quick analysis of this yesterday. Bank of America buying Countrywide?  Well, it's been reported that it's official and was announced this morning that BofA to Buy Countrywide for $4B ...
How many of you have been disappointed when a sales person tells you one thing, to find out later on that not only were they wrong, but way off base. Possibly later on, finding out from others that you were basically lied to. This brings me to a consumer's expectations on how a certain job shoul...
  It doesn't matter if you are moving from California, Canada, Florida, from the east coast to the west coast, etc, etc.  But not only will you need the services of a good realtor to help you with unfamiliar territory, you will need the services of a very good loan officer. Just moving and/or rel...

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I just want to educate people about mortgages and the process. In regards to lending, I am very creative, intuitive, honest, and one who communicates information, may it be good or bad. I am a loan officer that looks out for your best interest.