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Just wanting to educate people: Always looking out for your best interest. In regards to lending, I am very creative, intuitive, honest, and one who communicates information, may it be good or bad. I am a loan officer that looks out for your best interest.



  UPDATE : August 23, 2008 --  Cash Out Mortgages - FHA loans vs Conventional loans - Part 1   FHA has a "cash-out" and a "no cash-out" refinance. There is are few major advantages when applying for a FHA cash-out refinance than possibly doing a conventional cash-out refinance.  All scenarios are...
 This seems to be a growing problem within the mortgage industry. Mortgage closings that don't close on time. What kills me are the excuses that lenders use when giving the bad news, usually last minute. Key disclaimer, yes, things do happen that are not of anyones control at times. But what is t...
I just wish I could have called it a day after reading this e-mail and just float on cloud 9 the rest of the day. Now I know why I love my job, because of clients such as Rob. I wrote a post a few days ago, Doctor Doctor, this patient can't be helped!!!! Need a loan Medic., explaining how this w...
I want to share with you on how mortgages work, how they are sold on the secondary market, and the reason why some of these companies are closing their doors. We have seen some major changes in the lending industry, more so than ever before. What we need to do is to stay positive, focused, and mo...
 After having a brief conversation with Thesa Chambers earlier today in regards to First Time Homebuyers and FHA, she told me that I should write about this. She thought FHA was only for first time homebuyers. This is far from the truth and this has nothing to do with Thesa and her knowledge of r...
 How many of you market to your current clients? Those clients that you have closed since you have been in the real estate business. How do you market to them? Quarterly newsletters? If so, do you use paper newsletters or e-mail newsletters? So, what about reaching more people than ever before? A...
 "I want your business! Why won't you give me a try?  I promise to do a good job. We should give each other a chance to work with each other because we are both on Active Rain." This seems to be the theme as of lately, 'asking for business'. I am not here to knock the way people ask for business...
 Do you want to sound like the savor to your clients when they are buying their house? How about talking to a loan officer that not only educates their clients, but who educates the realtor. I wrote a post the other day called Curiosity is killing this cat...... what about you? for members only. ...
 Foreclosure can be such a scary word at times. It has become an epidemic in recent years and sometimes it just can't be helped. There are many circumstances that can put you behind the eight ball that have put fear in many Americans. One thing that you can't allow to happen is not to face the tr...
Loan Officers, Realtors, and Consumers...... be very, very careful out there. Loan programs are changing by the minute. Not only are stated loans becoming nearly extinct (by Janet Guilbault), but 100% financing is becoming extremely difficult. On August 17th, 2007, I will have been in the mortgag...

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I just want to educate people about mortgages and the process. In regards to lending, I am very creative, intuitive, honest, and one who communicates information, may it be good or bad. I am a loan officer that looks out for your best interest.