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As the mortgage/credit crisis unfolds daily - many people have asked me are you freaking-out yet? My answer goes something like this: I'm way past freaking-out, now I'm just intrigued...reading the WSJ and watching CNBC  on mute in my office is like watching episodes of LOST! Since I bored some o...
I've decided to address the community in comments and post about the dynamics later this here goes - Let me go on record as to say I do NOT point the blame gun @ Alan Greenspan (read more) for the mess we are in - in fact I think he saved the modern economy by the steps he took! The guy...
It has been a historically CRAZY few weeks in the mortgage industry - that has made it a CRAZY few weeks in the stock market! Watching this unfold is a lot like watching episodes of LOST...I never know what's going to happen from one scene to the next! I've been going around trying to explain to ...

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