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Monday Morning Closing you got to love them. All the thing that can go wrong sometime do. This is when you the tough smart Realtor get going. You know HUD is wrong, buyer wants that picture on the wall you name it we have all been there. So on this lovely Monday Morning lets all take a deep breat...
As I sit here at my computer safe and sound I just heard the firetrucks and the ambulance go up the road. Last week I heard the same thing and a very sweet kind and God loving lady passed away. Her and her husband have been married over 60 years longer than I am old. So in this time of love and j...
Today when most people have started to Christmas shop I was busy doing computer work for a Auction Company. Auctioning off house can be a great way to go. I saw a house today bring $20,000 over our highest expections and then I have been there when they did not sell but later we would have people...
With cooler weather here please take the time to care for you pets. On a recent piece of property that I sold I found 5 very small kitten in the outside building. I watched them for three days and things did not look good. So I now have 5 kitten that I  bottle fed to keep them alive.  They are th...
Well it finally is starting to feel like winter is coming and as you all know with winter comes Christmas. That means shopping and lots of presents. Now is the hard time of the year for Realtors because people are concentrating on the holidays. So it is time for you to put your best foot forward ...
Well I hope all of you had a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving. Ate all you could,visited with family and enjoyed the day. I sure did as I heard a friend say that day MERRY CHRISTMAS LIFE IS GOOD. I do believe she was right. Winter is trying to come to Chatham County, N. C. the leaves are  beau...
These  cooler night are wonderful. Fix that hot cup of coffee after supper and sit on the porch. Watch the stars and go over the day in your mind. Get mentally ready for the next day. Life in Chathm county is wonderful. Wish you all were here.
For all of us who thought that summer was gone, WRONG!!!! Hope nobody got those fall clothes out yet, because summer has not given up yet folks. The Heart of Chatham county is still hot and very dry. 
What a wonderful time of the year to look for that new home for the family. In Chatham County you can find such a great selection of homes that there is no end to your dreams. From log homes to Conventional there is no limit to the choices in this area. Urban life with suburban setting we have it...

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