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I been listening to Zig Ziglar and he said think happy thoughts in the morning and sing in the shower it will throw positve energy your way and make and keep you happy. Well, I started singing in the shower. I didn't know what to sing so I started singing a story that I read to my 3.5 year old so...
You know in the last month I have found MORE about my sellers and buyers after going through camp 443 then I have in the last 4 years. I simply didn't dig deeper and ask the questions I should have from the beginning, and then would get all these bombs dropped on me at once. All I could think abo...
I've been asked after losing 61 pounds 50 of those pounds in just 2 months how I did it. Well 7 years ago I started the "SEE food diet" where I just ate and ate whatever I wanted and of course chose all the wrong foods and just stopped excercising. Before that I was in shape and was considering s...
If you have NOT read the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book written by Gary Keller you should go right now and buy it. No matter what company your with it's a great read and will set you up on a winning system. Whether you are a newbie or seasoned.  In a nutshell the book shows you how to get to ...
Just wondering who is following this? I just started applying this to my system. I have 180 names to it and too reach my goal for the year I need 396 names for my have mets and about 1200 in my haven't mets. Totaling a 9k + a year. This does not cover my 8x8.  I am using Personal Marketing Co bec...
Just wondering if anybody uses #1 expert and if it's worth it?? I was qouted today $355 a month. If you can explain what you like or dislike about it, that would be great. If you use a system that is close to number 1 expert please share... Thank You John  
Everybody should read Seth Godin book "The Dip" In a nutshell it talks about winners that quit at the right time, while others quit at the wrong time. There are stages in life and we are trained to give up and quit when there is a "Dip" while winners will refocus and get pass the dip. I prefer th...

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