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Advertising your listings just got easier and best of all it is FREE! We all know that social media is “the place to be” and is making it easy to advertise your listings in a consistent and professional manner. As a bonus your sellers, your friends, your family, even your kids can ad...
Can you stretch your imagine, I mean REALLY stretch it to imagine living without your computer for an entire day? This includes: NO web surfingNO emailNO online workingNO TwitteringNO MySpaceNO FacebookNO IMDon't Even Check Your Calendar!Are you up for the challenge? Great! Tomorrow is Shutdown D...
I've been on the "marketing merry-go-round." A phrase I heard for the first time today from Sandra Martini, a business coach.  She describe me perfectly in her weekly newsletter today.  Perhaps she's been peeking in my office window every day?  Has she been watching me chase the perfect marketing...
Has anyone had any success using email templates in TP7i?  I've created simple email templates to use but they just aren't jazzy enough. I would love to use templates like those from or something similiar but have not had any success yet.  Has anyone found the secret yet?  ...
I admit that I'm hooked on Donald Trump's Apprentice series.  Last night was an especially good show!  The celebrity series has been filled with a lot of ego, not usually something that appeals to me, but this season I'm hooked.  How many times have I thought I could do this SO much better..ha!  ...
       Alex Bay     Alexandria Bay, as well as the surrounding area, has always been a location that was noted for its beauty, its vast resources and its spiritual being. Long before Europeans sailed over and settled into North America, the tribes of the Iroquois Indians called this area home. T...
Alexandria Bay, as well as the surrounding areas, offer many exciting things to do year round. Below you will find activities for young and older virtually every month of the week. If you would like more information about any of these events, or more information about Alexandria Bay, visit www.Al...
New tax assessments were mailed out a few weeks ago here in Alex Bay. I've been told property around here hasn't been assessed in years. As people opened their mail you could hear a collective groan across the village that evening. Suddenly homes are popping up for sale faster than the tulips are...

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