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The Connect Realty Business Opportunity           I'm asking any real estate agent or broker to do a fellow agent a favor.  Connect Realty is positioned to ignite a revolution in how real estate thrives in the Internet age.  Join us to learn about the company and why the current downturn in the ...
Well here goes.  After several years of Inman conferences, StarPower conferences and many local/state real estate conferences and conventions, realtor association classes, I've become a fairly educated Realtor, through osmosis if nothing else.   I'm not the best or smartest nor do I have a big fa...
The Connect Realty Business Opportunity           Everybody claims to offer the next great deal.  However, I've found the real estate company of the future.  They have moved beyond brick and mortar, franchise fees, broker/agent fees.  They offer a fantastic suite of tools, services and support, ...
Connect Realty: Come find out why over 1,500 agents have joined Connect Realty in just the last year!! *****Independence Day Promotion extended until July 31****** UPDATE: Over 130 agents (and brokers) have joined us during this promotion since June1. New Agents can take advantage of this sign-up...

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