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Ok, so I can't grant you three wishes (wish I could), but one of my best agents and good friend lovingly refers to me as "The Credit Genie".  I don't know if I'd go that far (you are too kind Angela), but I do certainly know a thing or 2 about credit.  I have my "Certified FICO Professional" desi...
If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of working with a "bad" lender, then you know this statement is all too true.  On the flip side, there are plenty of "good" lenders out there as well.  But from my experience, there are very few "great" lenders.  I'm pretty sure we can all agree on wh...
Recently, I participated in a survey about "Hidden Gems" in real estate in today's market.  The purpose of the survey was to find out what particular characteristics might not necessarily be reflected in the listing price of the property, but were placed high in value by buyers.  See the graphic ...
A minimum of once a day, I have a customer who tells me that they have tried to get approved but cannot, they have been denied by X number of lenders, or something to this effect.  The reasons vary widely, and I would say most of the time, the reason is credit related.  What most people don't kno...
Realtors:  Is your listing just plain "yucky"? The word is a bit juvenile, but sometimes no other word can convey the message quite clearly enough.  Is it dated, an REO... dare I say it, is your seller a hoarder?  Hey... it happens. Does every person that come through the property have the SAME n...
Have you ever asked somehow how they are today, and they respond by telling you they are "just living the dream?"  That person is being entirely facetious.  They are probably at a "job" they hate, and are watching the moments tick away ramping up to 4:59:59.I, too, have made this response.  The d...
Streamline?  Standard?  What's the difference? Let me back up 1 step first.  If you are wondering first before reading this post, what on earth is a 203K?, check out my previous post "How you can buy a diamond in the rough and make it your dream home".  Trust me, you'll be happy you happened upon...
Let's bust some myths!  But... what is a 203K? If you missed my last blog, "How you can buy a diamond in the rough, and make it your dream home", click here for all the details on this fabulous loan.  But, if you want the cliff notes:  A 203K is a mortgage you can use to purchase (or refinance) a...
Tell me if this sounds familiar: You're ready to buy your first home.  You've done your mortgage homework and have a prequalification.  You've got a fantastic real estate agent.  You are super pumped about this new and exciting chapter in your life.  You can't wait to get out there and find your ...

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