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 There once was a day, not long ago, when it seemed as though lenders would simply check to feel if a borrower had a pulse before they would print loan docs for a $600,000 home purchase. Mortgage Company owners in 2003 - 2005 attempted to entice some of us mortgage originators to join their compa...
With all of the drastic changes in the mortgage lending arena, tightening of guidelines and panicked clients our baby could not have chosen a better time to enter this world 9.20.07 at 18:18pm. The last week has been an experience that I am trying to hang onto for years to come. My life, more app...
Thank you to Jeff Belonger I have been given the task, honor?, duty of writing a MEME. Although this is all new to me, I am always game. So... I am to reveal five things about Me:1.  I am a big fan of this Active Rain thing. In college I would have been voted "Least Likely to Blog" however in the...
Lately, I have been overhearing many loan officers baiting Realtors with kickbacks for referrals (along with other desperate actions to get some business: see David Kucics blog) so I had to go back to the books (www.hud.gov) to refresh my memory about the do's and don'ts of referrals and RESPA. R...
Aloha, My name is Jay and my family moved to CA then HI when I was a young man. Real Estate has been my life for the past eight years however , I must admit my knowledge of Canadian real estate and Canadian mortgage lending is minimal. That is why I am writing.My wife is 37 weeks pregnant and as ...
This post is intended to keep us all working ... period!  I will keep you informed as info is available and will pass along issues that I have seen or been through as this situation develops so that we can all be better prepared to succeed in this volatile market. If you have clients in need of f...
For immediate release August 27, 2007Getting the Best Interest Rate on Your Home Loan?A Qualified Mortgage Consultant Can Help Boost Credit Scores By Jay Oku, Mortgage ConsultantMortgageSource LLCHonolulu, Hawaii - Consumers interested in purchasing or refinancing a home will pay an interest rate...
For immediate release August 20, 2007Local expert available to comment on mortgage market crisisDear Editor,You're faced with the challenge of informing your readers about how the national credit crisis is going to affect them locally. I'm here to help. I've worked in the mortgage industry for 8 ...
As an experienced Loan Officer, having to pass on a $1.85 million Purchase at 72% Loan to Value with a 665 FICO score and Stated Income Hurts. Having to tell past clients that due to their self employed status and 62% debt to income ratio we can not refinance their home hurts. Having a NYSE trade...


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