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How high winds damage roofs.This blog is taken from a letter to an insurance company defending a client who had severe roof damage from a tornado, with ongoing subsequent leaks.  The insurance company took the position that the wind damage was "wear and tear," that the leaking was "coincidental t...
How to determine that the seal has broken in a double-pane window.The seal has broken long BEFORE condensation and fogging are visible in a double-pane window.But how can you know that?You can't.  Unless you have a thermal camera!One thing I do with Mighty Mo is to sweep the entire house.  I'm lo...
This is a poor roofing practice.And I see it all the time on new construction.  I'm not sure why it is done.  It isn't thinking ahead.When roof trusses are lifted up to the roof they are done in large groups and a crane is used.This is new construction, a large house, and had many trusses.The tru...
Data wires can't get kinky.Pre-drywall inspections look at many things.  Some things most people would not think would be inspected.A pre-drywall inspection is a very important to a house under construction because it is the only time the house can be seen in a skeletal condition.  And we can see...
This is why home inspectors are not "required" to remove electric panel box covers.Because sometimes we can't!  It's nice when we can.  There is usually a lot to see!Can  you see the electric panel box?The yellow arrow is pointing toward it.About fifteen feet of stuff had to be removed to get to ...
Our church stinks.I guess you could take that a couple of ways.  But they meant that it really did stink.  Especially on Sundays when so many people were there.The stink had been getting worse for a month and was so bad some people had stopped coming to church.  The administrators did not know wh...
The shower drain that doesn't exist.I have seen this before.  People who don't pull permits to do "improvements" and try to sneak a fast one on an unsuspecting buyer.Seeing this new shower I was immediately suspicious.Why?  Because this model house, built in this area in the late 60s and early 70...
When mirror silvering fails.Mirrors are simple sheets of glass that have been coated on the backside with aluminum oxide.This is a process that has been around for hundreds of years.  In the past everything from tin, and mercury, and silver were used to coat the backside of glass.  That silver wa...
Is a home inspector required to inspect (test) a washing machine?No, there is no "requirement," but a home inspector can test anything he wants to or that the client wants tested.Does that surprise you?Isn't the home inspector hired to examine systems and components?  Yes, but there are limits.Th...
"But it was just a little leak.  We turned off the dishwasher!"Water from leaks has to go somewhere.  Even when the leak appears to be contained.This client built a new home and I performed a home inspection.  All of the appliances were tested, including the dishwasher.  And they have been in the...

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