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How can you see extreme door inefficiency? You can feel it.You can understand it.But how can you see it?With a thermal camera, of course!And who better but Mighty Mo?This is a panorama of two thermal images stitched together to show an exterior door front on.It was so poorly fitted into the frami...
Is this a kitchen cabinet or a slow cooker?Chris Ann Cleland actually came up with that title.While doing my typical thermal image sweep of this house I wondered why there was no HVAC register in the bathroom.Well, there was one!  And thermal imaging is the perfect way to find it!It was there, bu...
When homeowner repairs are uninformed and go awry.Homeowners often go ahead with "repairs" that are improper or simply uninformed.Concrete driveways can spall.  Spalling means that the exterior layer, the final layer sometimes called the cream, cracks, flakes, or chips off.That thin, top surface ...
A pin-hole leak can do a lot of damage.A pin-hole leak is exactly that, a very small leak at a joint or other corrosive deterioration in copper tubing.  It is sometimes called a progressive leak.This pin-hole leak looks to have begun where the yellow arrow points.That is a soldered joint.It must ...
Improper storage of building materials - do unto others...The temperature during this morning pre-drywall inspection was 10F.  During the night before the temperature had dropped to 5F.The drywall had already been loaded into the house.Along with all the materials.They had been in the house for a...

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