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"It's too cold to paint..."Paint has a particular chemistry - indoor and outdoor paint.  It has temperature and humidity parameters that must be met or it will not adhere or last.I arrived at a home inspection early, as I am wont to do, to see a work truck in the driveway, the garage doors open, ...
The term duct tape is a misnomer.But how can that be?  Duct tape has been around forever!I have a wonderful book in my library called, Did Monkeys Invent the Monkey Wrench?It is a fun history book of tools and hardware information.  In my version, copyright 1999, on page 171, there is a brief his...
Metal HVAC ducts are famously leaky.Metal HVAC ducts leak air.  Metal HVAC ducts leak energy.  Metal HVAC ducts leak money!One example is shown in the photo to the right.This is a duct in a house built in 1979.  The seams in the photo have been leaking for all that time.You can see the stains whe...
And a river ran through it - the house, that is.Inspecting a crawl space, as I am wont to do, the dirt floor was completely covered with thick, black plastic.  That's good!  The underside of the floor was insulated.  That's good!  The ventilation was open all around.  That's good!But on one end I...
When the water heater gets buried behind a wall.How can the water heater be removed?  What to do!?Four years ago the kitchen was remodeled and a new water heater and furnace were put into the original closet in this house.  This installation created many problems.Apparently the order of installat...
What I saw was unprofessional plumbing work.The phone call said that a contractor (in the carpet industry) said he also did remodeling on the side and completely reworked two bathrooms.The plumber that was sent was unfamiliar with the work he was asked to do, and did not appear to be licensed.  T...
"When we sit near our fireplace it's really cold unless we turn it on."You go to watch "the game" or a movie and sit down next to the fireplace.  And everyone needs a blanket!  That or the fireplace has to be turned on to feel comfortable.Why?Well, look at the fireplace in this thermal image.Not ...
Can pressure-treated deck wood rot?In short, the answer is yes.Given enough time pressure-treated wood, even that rated for ground contact, will deteriorate and rot.The bases of every post of this deck had rotted.My pen is sticking into this one, and I could have pushed it further.How long does i...
"Why do you need to check the insulation?  It's a new house."  So asked the builder's supervisor.The answer is simple - because a home inspector observes and reports a variety of things during a home inspection, whether the house is new or old.  And insulation is a HUGE part of that inspection.So...
Electrical wires must be protected.During a pre-drywall phase, which needs to be checked during inspections, there are many things that need protection - electrical wires, plumbing supply and drain tubes, gas lines, and such.Looking on the left, this wall framed around to enclose a steel beam col...

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