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Don't pressure wash siding!Just don't.There are many reasons, which range from the professionalism of the people doing the pressure washing to the damage pressure washing does to siding, paint and trim work.Case in point - I saw a house in my neighborhood being pressure washed.The temperatures ou...
Missing hurricane straps.Hurricane straps?  What is a hurricane strap?Hurricane straps are a half-twist metal plate with holes which allow a roof rafter to be nailed to the framing below.Years ago I wrote a blog post regarding hurricane straps and their use published at ActiveRain, which you can ...
What's the difference between a sump pump and an ejector pump?A sump pump is placed in basement floors, below ground level, and in a small pit of 20 or 30 gallons size.Around the house, under the house, and perhaps a stairwell, tubes will be placed to direct water from those places into the sump ...
Should you cut HVAC air filters to fit the space?The answer - NO!The purpose of the HVAC air filter is to keep the system clean. Yes, the TV commercials say that if you use this or that filter the air in the house will be cleaner and your children will be healthier.While it is true that while the...
Can an all brick house leak through the walls?The answer, in short, is YES!Water has to be controlled.  Around the roof, and house, water can be effectively controlled by gutters and downspouts.  If they are not situated properly, or if roof water is not drained properly from the roof to the gutt...
Caulking is the cheapest form of energy savings, and very efficient.Caulking is not permanent.  Examining the caulking around your house should be something you do at least annually, if not semi annually.Look at two photos from a bay window on the front of a house. Gaps existed all around the win...
Disposal connector clamps and cover plates.When electrical wires enter any junction box or appliance they should be clamped.The clamp does what you think it does.It secures the wire so it cannot come loose or be pulled out of the device thus pulling apart the electrical connection.And very import...
"New fridge with ice maker!"So said the "feature" list in this house I was asked to inspect recently.People always ask me to review the feature list and to look around to make sure it is accurate.In this house there was indeed a new refrigerator!And the new refrigerator indeed had an ice maker!Bu...
Do not vent a dryer vent indoors, or in this way.And also, never use the white, plastic dryer vent tubing!The dryer in this house disobeyed all the rules!The laundry room was on the middle level, venting the dryer through the floor.Sometimes that means it turns and goes outdoors.And sometimes it ...
With air filters the air flow arrow should point toward the unit.While I have never kept track statistically, I bet that more than half the time the HVAC filter air flow arrow is pointing in the wrong direction.Twice in two days I have seen this.The arrow is pointing away from the unit.The air fl...

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