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Don't paint receptacle covers!It's simple.  The covers should be removed before the wall around a receptacle should be primed and painted.Painting the cover and receptacle while on the wall is not a good thing to do for many reasons:1.  The cover plate is essentially glued to the wall and the rec...
This is what happens when wood siding is too close to the ground.It gets wet, it rots, and it attracts termites!Wood siding should be 4" or so from the ground whether that be soil or solid surface.  Six inches would not be too far.The further the better.  When it is higher from the ground splashi...
Would you want to inherit this when you buy a house?Old antennas and satellite dishes are common on houses, at least in this area.I suggest that antennas be removed as they are simply lightning rods, and never grounded properly.But satellite companies encourage subscribers to leave their dishes o...
Ho do you know the radiant-heated flooring is working well?You look at it with a thermal camera!  My choice?  Mighty Mo.This is a master bathroom in new construction and the buyers opted for the radiant floor for the room.While radiant flooring is not the most efficient way to heat a room, when t...
How do you know the radiant-heated flooring is working?
How do you know the radiant floor heating is working?                 
A little hole in the insulation equals a big hole for energy loss.This kind of spot was found in four places in this attic.It is a proper support and box for a bedroom ceiling fan.There is nothing wrong with the installation.However, when the insulation is pulled away to install this support arm ...
Drywall screws and kitchen cabinets.Most kitchen cabinet manufacturers will state what screws should be used to install their cabinets.   Some will even include the screws they want taped to the inside of the cabinet itself.  These little screw kits will even have small collars to put between the...
An energy waster not often considered.   And it's an easy fix!There are rules of thumb in energy wasting, and conversely energy saving.Your house can be divided into different areas of energy wasting.  And these percentages are rules of thumb:~ About 30% of your energy is wasted through the upper...
Plumbing penetration through the roof - how high is too high?Looking up at the rear roof of this new construction I saw the plumbing penetration was very high.This particular tubing was 27" high.Is that too high?The usual height above a roof is the 10" to 12" range.But that depends on the local a...

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