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Pin-hole leaks in copper plumbing.I see pin-hole leaking often.  Most often I see it on houses with well water.While such leaking is not on every joint, it seems to me that I am seeing it more and more lately.Sometimes the very small leak will seal itself with the minerals that are in the water. ...
New Construction - and a double-pane glass bull's eye.  I have had double-pane glass bull's eye blogs before, but never one with sliding glass doors.Seals break on double-pane glass, doors and windows.  Theoretically the seals can break at any time - due to age, or after severe deflection caused ...
This is a test.  This is only a test on New Construction plumbing - a thud inside the wall, then this!It was the last of 6 bathrooms.  When the tub handle was turned on only a trickle of water came out.  Then the sink was turned on with a similar trickle.  Turning off the sink faucet first, then ...
A second HVAC air filter is not recommended.   In fact, it is one too many.Some furnace/AC systems have filters beside the unit.  Others, when the system is in the attic, have return grills in the ceiling to conveniently be able to replace the filter without having to climb into the attic each mo...
DO NOT PAINT smoke detectors. ( !! )Some things we DO NOT PAINT.Some things will even tell us --  "DO NOT PAINT".In this newly-finished basement, by a homeowner, and without a permit, everything was painted.Things were ALL spray painted.  And it was indiscriminate - walls, ceiling, doors and trim...
The case of the leaking back flow prevention valve.A back flow prevention valve is required in some jurisdictions.  It simply prevents water from a boiler or hydronic heating system from getting into and contaminating drinking water for the house.  The circulating hot water should be contained wi...
In this old house we ran across a lot of vermiculite insulation in the attic.It is rare in my experience to see this much, seen here in the attic of a 1925 vintage house.  Additional fiberglass insulation had been added on top of some of it, and support boards and platforms elsewhere to walk on a...
This is an older house with a facelift for an upstairs bathroom.  But wait!New appliances, lights, floor, and ceramic wall tile!Everything worked well and I thought the bathroom looked great.  I really liked the shelf in the shower stall.  But wait, isn't the shower wall on the exterior rear wall...
Properly prepared metal guardrails should not be rusting in one year.The one year inspection is a very important one as it is the last time a home buyer can have things reworked or repaired or replaced under warranty.This expensive home had lovely guardrails on the front porch and front stairs.  ...
Very narrow electric panel box access - and in a bathroom?There should be very good access in front of, and plenty of clearance under, over and beside an electric panel box.The minimum clearances are defined by code!The reason for that is obvious.  Electrical components need to be gotten to and h...

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