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This is what happens when a downspout splash block is not used.The downspout splash block is intended to divert water from the roof away from the house.It protects the foundation, the ground around the house, and water is diverted onto graded soil and into the local water drainage.They are necess...
When mortar joints in patio stone become dangerous mortar joints.Stone patios can be a very nice feature to a house.  The look is natural and the material is very long lasting.This will loosen the stone's grip on the underside and at the edges, and the mortar can disintegrate.The loose stones at ...
The building was constructed in 1956 and the listing said, "Everything Updated" - in 1980.  Except the electric.And it was an old fuse box as well!The AC unit was newer than that though - it was dated 1993.When they replaced the AC it might have been because there had been a problem with the prev...
Do you wash your shoes?Yesterday, as I finished up an inspection, we went into a barn.  It was a messy barn, housing lots of animals, and all around it was muddy.By the time we were done my shoes were caked with mud.Today I am scheduled to go into two different houses.I have to be polite and do m...
When water doesn't go DOWN the drain.Why not?  What's it doing instead?In this case we could see where a lot of it was going.This is the newly-finished "bathroom" in the same newly-"finished" basement in yesterday's post.Running the water for a while in the shower stall (which looked really nice)...
When does basement wall framing demand pressure-treated wood?This subject house was built in 1956 and the basement was recently "finished."  At least that's what the house features list touted.The "finished" basement had many things left unfinished.  Like wiring that wasn't hooked up, holes left ...
It was the hail storm roof damage scam guys.My phone rings and it is someone who said a roofer came by the neighborhood and "he said the roof and badly leaking skylights needed replacement because of a hail storm."They stopped by my house once, telling me that a hail storm on such and such a date...
It's that time of year again, and time to get ready for the seasons ahead so these are Jay's Fall/Winter Maintenance Recommendations.While not intended to be exhaustive, and you may have things you personally like to take care of, you might consider the following!* Winterize the exterior hose bib...

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