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The time will come to replace the old Pressure Reducing Valve.Most newer homes, 80s or later, will have pressure reducing valves as a part of the plumbing system.They do what it sounds like they do - they reduce the water pressure coming in from the municipality to a pressure more comfortable for...
This could not be simpler - don't nail through the shingles!On a new construction, pre-drywall inspection, I saw something that I see so often.The siding guys anchored their scaffolding by driving nails through the shingles.What usually happens is they then "fill" the holes later with caulking or...
Careful, Trex composite decking can get dangerously hot!It's been hot recently.  And why not?  It's summer.Walking out onto a deck yesterday I could feel the heat radiating from the Trex decking.Trex is a composite decking material derived from plastic and wood fibers.  It is said to be made 95% ...
This house had new carpeting and old HVAC registers.Now, when you put carpeting into a house it's a good idea to accommodate for the HVAC floor registers, cutting holes perhaps, and allowing air flow.Did that come off as sarcastic?So, when we walked into this bedroom I looked under the window to ...
So, why the low water pressure?It didn't take long to find the cause.  It was hidden, but we found it!It took some bending, and leaning, and stretching, and camera extending.But I was able to get a photo of it!A very, very clogged whole-house water filter.What's the problem here?IT'S INACCESSIBLE...
And I heard, "Now you will have very good luck!"The seller was present during the home inspection and met me at the door.She was a widow, 84 years old, South East Asian, with limited English, and 4' 9" tall.  She greeted me with a smile and a two-hand shake.  Unable to take care of the house, she...
So, really, can water crack a driveway?Yes.  And water can create the Grand Canyon.  Both of those things are true if the same thing happens over and over for long enough.This is the driveway in question.I saw the problem as soon as I pulled up to the house.Why is the driveway cracking only on on...
A year later and there is no "toxic mold..."A little over year ago new neighbors moved in next door.  We had the initial greetings and are friendly, as neighbors should be. They have three children who are always happy to see me and I tease regularly.A few weeks later they decided to finish their...
Be sure downspout water is discharged AWAY from the house!Houses don't make very effective boats.  They don't like to sit in water.  When this house was built, in 1965, foundation drainage and sump pumps were not used. Today virtually every newly-built house has such drainage and a sump pump, at ...
To tray or not to tray - that is the question.Whether 'tis nobler for the room to sufferThe slings and arrows of outrageous insulation,Or to add insulation against a sea of troubles,And, by opposing, end them.  Devoutly to be wished.To sleep, perhaps to dream, in comfort.  Aye, there's the rub! T...

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