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This is not the hot seat - thermal imaging finds a cold spot!Having a look at the master bathroom shower, Mighty Mo found a cold spot.It is the left side seat.  The right side seat isn't so bad.  But don't sit on the left!Yikes!  That's chilly willy! That's that it looks like when you and I view ...
Active Rain meet up at my house - it happened!Despite Jonas, and no parking on one side of our street, some brave folks showed up and we had our meet up.Getting home just in time from my morning home inspection, I broke out the Saltines and butter, we shared a ladle and a bucket of water, and had...
What happens when there are dirty air conditioner fins and coils?This might not look like a big deal.But underneath these fins are the coils.When air conditioner compressor coils get dirty it can be a big deal!Visibly dirty, these coils are where air blows out and the coils are cooled while the a...
This is the case of the homeowner re-modeler replacing the kitchen sink - with a gas stove!Apparently they wanted the sink elsewhere.  And there was one.  Not well done, but there was a kitchen sink.  The kitchen design company did not plan this kitchen!But, the convenient cavity in the Formica c...
How did we deal with the snow?  Mighty Mo knows!Shoveling and brooming, to be sure.But better than that.  Would you like some comfort food?Could I interest you in some loaded chicken soup?Low carb (no noodles), high protein, loads of fresh veggies, fairly spicy.There may be a bowl or two left.  S...
This is to invite you to an Active Rain Meet Up at my house.The address is on my profile.I thought we might sit out on the deck and throw something on the grill.And have a nice AR chat!We all know each other already, so there will likely be little introduction.Well, except to our dog, Jenny.She i...
A thermal camera can see window inefficiencies.The homeowners of this house had new windows installed.  They had bought into the ads telling them of marvelous savings.  "Save 35% on your energy bill!"  "100% guarantee!."Statements like that are true, and FALSE!A 35% savings may be achieved, but t...
Window efficiency seen a couple of ways with a thermal camera.The homeowners in this house had new windows installed.  They bought into the ads telling them of the marvelous savings.  "35% on your energy bill!"  "100% Guarantee!"
Window inefficiency seen a couple of ways with a thermal camera.If you go to Energy Star to research window efficiency, there is a lot of information.  This chart shows where efficiencies are gained with newer windows.  And where it can be lost!Notice                       
Many insulation studies have come to the rule of thumb consideration that can be calledThe 5% Rule of Missing Insulation.Basically stated, if a given area, say a wall or ceiling in a room in a home, is missing 5% of insulation, that missing 5% will cause a more than 50% loss in R-value for that a...

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