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Can you see the leak behind the wall?  A thermal camera can.Of course, a thermal camera doesn't really "see" anything.  But it detects electromagnetic radiation that you and I cannot see. Looking behind the water heater there seemed to be some small spots of mold.And on the floor molding there lo...
How not to repair loose aluminum siding.Aluminum siding is not used anymore.  It was too easily damaged. Hitting it with a rock or a weed whacker would put a visible depression onto it.  Hail storms would put many dings and dents into a sided wall.Over time the nails would come loose, exposing th...
So, what to do - how to clean, and not to clean, a glass cooking surface.There really are some should do and should not do things!Gee, which burner do you think this household used most, and incorrectly cleaned the most?Which is second?Which is third?There is a lot going on here!  It's ugly!This ...
 "The Drippen," by Edgar Jay Markanich (A Sad Tale Of Gutter Drip Woes)           Once upon a midday dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—    While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,As of someone gently rapping, dri...
Yes, new stuff hits the market all the time and this must be the new multiple vent cap.How do I know that?From inside the attic!There were multiple vent tubes all terminating inside this housing!So, what's wrong with that, aside from the fact that you can buy the cap you see here for $8?  (my Sco...
The email began, "I'm very disappointed with my home inspector."It continued, "I am going to have to make a claim with my home warranty, or have to pay an electrician to fix electrical problems with my house.  Many receptacles just stopped working, and there are other electrical issues."You proba...
Do you see what I see?This is so common it is unbelievable.  Improperly finished work.The house in the photo is new construction.  It is not a cheap property.There is an attractive curbside to the house, and an inviting front porch.  All told it is a beautiful home.The stone on the foundation wal...
Nobody likely changed the Beatles' song, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," until this inspection - "While The Chimney Gently Weeps."I look at the flashing I notice it's turning,While the chimney gently weeps.Every mistake we must surely be learning,While the chimney gently weeps.I don't know how th...
I don't often run into radiant floor heating.In this house the buyers asked me if I checked the radiant floor heating in the upper-floor master bathroom.It had been turned on before I arrived.  Not knowing there was radiant floor heating there, when I entered the bathroom I sure could tell!The he...
Pay attention to basement smells - they can make you sick.This is a renter who wants to purchase the house they have been living in for a while.I always ask if there are issues with the house they have noticed while living there.Yes, there was one in this house.Sometimes the basement smells so ba...

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