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It pays to pay attention to the refrigerator door seal.It's common sense!A bad refrigerator door seal will cost you money.  And wear out your refrigerator before it's time.But sometimes you have to look carefully.The door has four squared edges.And should hang straight and square.If not, gaps ope...
When the dryer vents through the roof - very difficult at best.This has become more and more common in recent years.  And it is a pet peeve of mine.Dryer vents through the roof have built-in problems.  Homeowners are set up for problems from the start.And this is the problem - dryer vents always ...
Every house should have at least one plumbing clean out port.I don't know when they began putting these into houses.  It seems to me in the 30s or 40s.It allows access into the plumbing drain line to clear out a clog in the line inside the house or between the house and sanitary sewer in the stre...
How is this a poisoned air conditioning compressor?So, what's wrong here?Sure, the unit is tilting, not good.Sure, the unit is too close to the fence, not good.Sure, the unit is too close to the soil, not good.Sure, the unit is 20 years old.But what else do you see?It's kind of covered with plant...
At my house we get freezer burn from time to time on our stored foods, no matter how well we wrap them.Once I had a wart burned off with liquid nitrogen by freezing it.  The doctor said that this process would essentially burn it off, and as it defrosted it would feel like a burn.  He was right.W...
So, is this enough panel box clearance?Looking at a basement remodel, there were many things to evaluate.The quality of the work was not impressive.  The framing was all 2x3".  The nails were undersized.  The work appeared sloppy and thoughtless.I was told there were permits, though none were pos...
PATCHESSing along with the roof: Sometimes I felt that I couldn't go on, I wanted to leave, just run away from home. But I would remember what my daddy said, With tears in his eyes on his dyin' bed, He said, "Patches, I'm dependin' on you, son. I tried to do my best, It's up to you to do the rest...
Do you know what a widow's walk is?I am seeing them more and more in new construction.  Aware of the history the architect below has incorporated the romantic feature into this new home.While they don't have the functional aspect they once had, the widow's walk has a very storied history.Legend h...
If you asked a a wood chuck, "How much air can a soffit vent vent if a soffit vent could vent air?What would the answer be?The concept is simple.Air comes in, air goes out.It's pure physics - it never fails.Unless, that is, no air gets in.That concept is simple too.No air in, no air out.Air has t...
So, is the home inspector lazy?Look at this and tell me - should the home inspector remove all that stuff, or not touch it?  And if not, why not?And if he just passes it by without touching it, is he lazy?Examine the stuff.Does it look like the kind of stuff that is "stored" there?I see kitchen s...

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