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When a compressor is on the roof, it is out of sight and out of mind.This condo building had three floors of condos, four on each level, and all with the AC compressors on the roof.  Fortunately, we had access!The air handler unit indoors was in a cavity inside the attic, and available only via a...
Wood siding should be 4-6" from the soil, as too close is too close.When it's too close to the soil wood siding becomes an invitation to moisture (and therefore rot) and termites.Termites are looking for wet wood.  That's their objective.  Eating it and returning to the colony is their job!And th...
Until a recent inspection, I did not know window trim came in snap-together pieces!Looking up I saw it!The whole section apparently popped off.And here I thought they were extruded pieces of some form of smoosh.I didn't see the piece anywhere.And don't know if the sellers have it.But they will ha...
In a house recently I saw the so-called "Wonderfully Finished Basement!"The sellers had bought the house from a Flipper.  They did not get a home inspection.The listing agent was VERY INTERESTED in the home inspection my clients had asked for.  She wanted to know what was what.  She said, "And I ...
You've heard the words to the song, "Long and Winding Wisteria," right?Sing this to the Beatles tune, "Long and Winding Road." The long and winding Wisteria that leads to your deckWill never disappear.I've seen that Wisteria before, it always leads me here.Leads me to your deck.It's never a good ...
If there is any feature on a house that has come and gone, it is the American front porch.When houses have them now, they become a feature!  And if there isn't one, the porch becomes a second thought.Porches have been prominent through American history.  But they depended on the size, or price, o...
I'm often asked - what should you do with your house while away on vacation?Even more - what should you do with your house while away for any length of time - a weekend, or even a few days?Have you considered that?  You should!  It's that time of year again.Here are a couple of suggestions.~~  DO...
I had an inspection recently with a first-time buyer and his friend, a newly-minted Realtor on his first home inspection.Throughout the inspection they were amazed at what things I found that led to other things. I found myself wanting to say, "Really, it's not that marvelous.  Things have causes...
What do you do on new construction when the water heater is every bit of askew, askant and aslant?What, you say?Isn't a water heater supposed to be straight up and down and rest flat on the floor?Well, yes, yes it should.In some places they even strap them so they not only are straight and rest f...

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