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New Basement Bathroom! said the feature list.It had a shower, a toilet and a sink.It had a light.It had a new exhaust fan in the ceiling.It had a new corresponding breaker in the electric panel box.It did not have a receptacle on the wall, however.That was my first clue that there had been no per...
They were all shelved and shimmed, but they weren't all stuck.  And they should all be stuck.What?  Really, what?Obviously this steel beam, and all the steel beams in in this new construction in fact, is resting comfortably.The steel beam support code is simple.  It says that a steel beam should ...
When I moved a box that looked quite out of place, to see what was behind, I saw the leak, before the leak, before the future leak.  Was the box there to provide artistic concealment?  Sometimes it is!  I moved the box because it was empty.Future leak?I'll get to that.This house was built in 1993...
In this case you can see gas fireplace charring - make no adjustment to your screen.  This is gas fireplace charring in the extreme.What you see is what you get.This charring could have started a long time ago.Or maybe it is recent.It appears old to me.  The charring extends up and onto the roof ...
Sometimes, as a home inspector, you have to look behind.And that isn't always easy.You have to look behind what?In this case, a lot!The laundry closet in this house is in the basement under the entry stairs.There is enough head clearance, at least where the washer and dryer are located.  But unde...
We all know, granite is heavy. Granite has to be supported.Granite has to be supported everywhere.Even the granite counter top is heavy.So when I saw this counter top to the left side of the kitchen sink beginning to crack from a lack of support I wondered about its support underneath.That is too...
"Spectacular Under-Cabinet Lighting!" read the feature list.And there it was, bright and beautiful.Whenever I see something new like that, and touted, I look at it!  Who did the work?  Was it professionally done?I could not find a power source.  The lights were magically lighting!  Actually, not ...
There are various reasons for an overheated ground connection in a panel box.But on a home inspection we inspectors don't diagnose causes.  We simply see it and report it.The two service conductor connections were also overheated, though not as much.  But no matter what, the entire electrical sys...
Different wording, maybe, than the original song, but this roof's got Eaves of Destruction.Don't you understand what I'm tryin' to sayCan't you feel the fears I'm feelin' today?But I'll tell you, over and over and over again, my friend,Ah, you don't believe that roof's got eaves of destruction?Ac...
I need support - you need support - we all need support - and on a new construction inspection - bath tubs need support too.Support is one of those basic needs.  And while inanimate, a bath tub especially needs support!It gets heavy!  Water is heavy and when people get in the tub, things can get ...

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