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Glancing at something isn't always revealing, but looking close enough you might find the cause!  Apparently the hardwood flooring in this dining room had been mysteriously getting soft and damaged.  And nobody knew why, or investigeted why. Well, the proximity to the rear door is a clue as to wh...
When the screwdriver isn't just for screws. Not that I haven't seen this before.  It's just fun when you can use tools in different ways! The inspection on this house saw repairs on every single column in front of this house.  There are eight such columns. Very recent "repairs" on each one were m...
Very often I see a taped blower door safety switch.  This is an important switch!  It is there for a reason! The blower door safety switch turns off the furnace operation should the lower protective door be removed. In some units that cover has to be removed to be able to change or clean the air ...
Every time I see a vulnerable gas supply line - I think it can be better, and safer. We are in brand-new construction and the buyer and I are having a final inspection just prior to his final walk through with the builder. The supply line is an uncovered and unprotected  Corrugated Stainless Stee...
If you want heating or air conditioning HVAC air filters MUST let air flow through them! There are two philosophies on HVAC air filtration - 1.  Use the real cheap ones, let air flow more easily, and the system operates more efficiently.2.  Use the expensive, high filtration ones, which restrict ...
That's what the very disturbed voice over the phone said, "You home inspectors make things up!" My answer, "No sir.  That's incorrect.  Why are you calling?" "My deck is made of wood that doesn't rot!  You said the deck is rotting!  I was told it would last forever!" "Is this the inspection in Ha...
On this home inspection the feature list said, "New attic fan," and it was true! Yep, it was TRUE, but NOT ACCURATE. And the new unit in question? There it is, high and center in the photo. Brand new, right in place, apparently unused! Well, it would have to be unused. It isn't really hooked up. ...
I've heard this phone call before - "Air blows in the hall, but the door is tight."  Door weatherstripping is something that gets looser over time, and can admit air. The weatherstripping is an important part of the energy efficiency of any door.  And window! The door itself is insulated metal, o...
I get this phone call a lot - something like, "Please come and figure out why our windows are leaking!" So, Mighty Mo and I made an appointment, got in the car and went to see. Honestly it wasn't too hard to figure out. A new siding job had been put on the house a few months ago, with aluminum wr...
This was a house with lots of sayings painted here and there on the walls, including these words to live by. You might imagine which room this was painted in. That might just be a decent, one of many, philosophy for life! Sometimes the quality of tomorrow depends on what we accomplish today. Yep...

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