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Salutations and agreeable greetings folks!Wrench here!  Let me introduce myself.I have passed through a life of experiences.  And, as you know, life experience is a cruel, but effective teacher!  And have I been taught!And if you're asking, "Wrench, did your mother give you that name?"The answer ...
Meet Wrench. He is a bit skewed.  You can probably see that. He runs into problems, real problems. He finds solutions to the problems, real solutions. And Wrench will wrangle with each one and post the solution. The wrenching problem could be something with furniture, an appliance, a tool, or wha...
Take something as innocuous as indoor house plants - home health and indoor air quality - and you will get boisterous arguments on both sides! It's healthy to have indoor plants!  It's not healthy to have indoor plants! It's inarguable that house plants remove CO2 from the air and replace it with...
There is no other way to say this - this is a dangerous gas line installation. This is unprotected flexible metal tubing generically called Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing, or CSST. There are lots of things swirling about its use and installation, from bonding and grounding to proper protection...
James Hardiplank:  how many things wrong can you see in this one photo? James Hardie siding is one of those products that can be done right or incredibly wrong. The James Hardie company has many products and many ideas.  The siding pictured here is the lap siding, called HardiePlank.  It is a com...
New construction attic insulation - do you wonder if heat escapes? And, if heat escapes, do you wonder if heat enters? Many clients call me for a home inspection on brand new construction and tell me that they want one even though they are told by the builder they don't need a private inspection....
This is surely a problem solved!  And vinyl siding "repair." Over time the soil has settled.  That has pulled down the underground conduit housing the electrical service lines to this house.  In turn, this pulled down the electric meter where it attaches to the house. Well, certainly, as it all s...
When it snows enough and the plow comes along and creates a big pile on the side of the road, be sure to shovel around the fire hydrant! Even if the hydrant isn't totally covered (which has happened in the past in our neighborhood) it should still be made available to the fire department in case ...
Ever see two pictures where the title asks what's missing? The picture on the left looks the same as the picture on the right, but there are differences to find. Let's see if you can find the differences between these two photos.  You will have to look carefully. They are of the siding on two sid...
We all know the globe we live on is mostly full of water.  It's said to be about 72% full of water.  And this water has been on this globe for some time!  Basic geography. It's true!  And we are similar.  Our human bodies kind of mimic the globe we live on, being, as they are, about 72% full of w...

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