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One of those sayings in life is that being grounded is good and getting screwed is not and usually it's one or the other - grounded or  screwed.  It's a vernacular thing. Can both happen at the same time? Apparently so in this kitchen! This is the receptacle on the kitchen island. It happens to b...
Do you want to sell your house and are you wondering what to do with ugly concrete?  Should you veneer it?  The quick answer is NO, it doesn't work for long. Curb appeal.  First impressions.  Shiny and new.  All that makes a difference when you sell a house. Certainly it's hard to tell what was h...
I get asked this all the time when I talk about a vent being too close to the ground - How close is too close for a direct-vent furnace intake tube? Well, where do you live? At this newly-remodeled house, with a newly-installed furnace, I thought this might be too close. It's only 9 1/2". This is...
When I saw the hot tub crushing, I mean, resting on the rear deck I stuck my hand in and the water was feeling hot, hot, hot. Looking at the horribly unprofessional, I mean, interesting wiring to the hot tub and entering the house I knew it was a homeowner job. Going into the basement and seeing ...
Sometimes things work out such that the phrase like father, like son comes to life. During the past many years, and many all-expense-paid deployments to two places Middle East places we are all familiar with, I have not had too much in-person interaction with my youngest son. Home now, I went to ...
All week I have been having a visit. Baby Boy, my youngest son, has returned, hopefully, for the last time after a half a dozen all-expense paid trips overseas, the last of many visits to Iraq and Afghanistan. That's him a few years ago on patrol, helping a neighborhood get ready for spring. The ...
We walked into the kitchen and saw quartz counter tops, which usually invites the question as to which is better - and so what's the difference - granite versus quartz counter tops. Walking into the kitchen on a home inspection my client asked what a quartz counter top was. So, when you walk into...
Aviary Realty  is offering this comfy condo for the right couple - Empty Nesters welcome! Situated in a traditional, established neighborhood, easy access rules the day!  Location, location, location!   High enough for spectacular views but low enough to reach easily any time of day!  Just right ...
I have heard this so often from people who have this problem - cold air pours in my gas fireplace. There can be only one reason - poorly-placed or inadequate insulation. A lot of homes have the gas fireplace built into the wall and sticking out from the house. The box is surrounded with siding an...
Do you know how to pick a door lock?  Um, I mean, choose...? Door locks are essential.  Too bad, but that's the way it is.  And you get what you pay for. WHEN YOU CHOOSE A DOOR LOCK, DON'T GO CHEAP! How do you know what to choose?  Go to the hardware store and look around.  There is a lot to choo...

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