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Free Enterprise Shines As A Bright Beacon On A Hill   "Each of us must become candles in the darkness of collectivist ideas.  The brighter we each shine through our understanding and ability to articulate the meaning of freedom, the more we will be beacons that can attract others."   Richard M. E...
Answer this question - what do to about a problem before and after "professional" repair? It doesn't matter what "the problem" is. In this case "the problem" is a leaking EPDM roof.  This can be a very expensive repair as it not only involves the roofing surface but the structure underneath.  My ...
It is excellent when it works, but a soffit and ridge ventilation system is supposed to move attic air. How does such a system do that? Physics.  Convection.  High pressure to low pressure.  Heat seeking cold. It never fails. Ideally a 50/50 ratio of air is coming in and going out. Even a 70% in ...
What can I say but fuzzy, wuzzy wuz a return - HVAC return, that is. The home is in its 50s.  It is proudly remodeled. There is only one HVAC return in the house.  The return is the large register(s) where indoor air is drawn back in and returns to the unit to be conditioned warmer or colder. In ...
Free Enterprise Strives To Work, And Win, All The Time   "Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all the time thing.  You don't win once in a while; you don't do things right once in a while; you do them right all the time.  Winning is a habit.  Unfortunately, so it losing.  There is no room fo...
I often find other electrical problems when GFI receptacles do more than they are supposed to do. Why would that be? Because an improperly-wired GFI receptacle indicates unprofessional work. And in houses that have been substantially remodeled, there is usually unprofessional work.  UNPROFESSIONA...
This is the case of siding and a wall overwhelmed by water.  When a client calls with a problem to investigate, even someone I know, like Margaret Woda, I am always excited by the prospect. She sent me a photograph of a spot outside a house that not only showed moisture but damage.  Pretty sure I...
Stairs - built today the code requires a newer standard. It used to be that stairs were higher and narrower.  They were supposed to be no higher than 8 1/4" and the tread 9" wide.  And the height of each step could not vary by more than 3/8" Things have changed.  Built today  the height requireme...
I am told this roof will never leak again.  We are saved. Yes, my first experience with this new and greatest leak stopper ever.  I lifted my world to see it. What did I see? The handyman that you can get that comes in a can!  We really are saved. You just climb up on the roof, get out the spray ...
Free Enterprise Is The Rough Road To Easy Street   "It is a rough road that leads to the path of greatness." Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4BC - 65AD)   Obviously this kind of a quote can be used in many contexts, and it is perfect for the concept of free enterprise.   Doing something for yourself, bein...

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