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If I had a dollar for every time I heard this phrase - "It's going to rain.  Should we cancel the inspection?" well, you know the rest.  End the if-I-had-a-dollar phrase any way you want. Dontchaknow, I hear that question all the time! What's my answer?  NO!  WE CAN SEE THINGS DURING RAINS THAT W...
When it comes to attic access ladder installation - dangers abound. Sometimes I pull the ladder down and look at it and don't want to use it!  I go out to the car and get my ladder.  My ladder is trustworthy! This, however, is the one year warranty inspection on an "active adult community" house!...
Free Enterprise Makes Way For Meritocracy     "An army of donkeys led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a donkey."                           Genghis Khan (1162-1126) If nothing else was used to manage the Khan army and kingdom, certainly meritocracy was it. One moved up in the Geng...
This is a Flipper-installed patio that screams invitation to trip and the old saying is - have a nice trip?  See you next fall. Over and over this patio had spots where things were not in plane, with both raised and sinking areas, and there were loose pavers everywhere, including the stairs. And ...
Not to state the obvious, but when you make repairs, use the right materials! This is something that I see so often on home inspections.  With the availability of so much information available out there regarding home repairs, why is it that so often I see work that is entirely incorrect? Take th...
New construction inspections are always interesting - especially when attic insulation is a mess - One small step for man, one giant leap for a poor indoor environment. Attic insulation is very often a problem in new construction.  How? Usually the builder advertises a high R-value (which can onl...
What do you do when ice flow becomes ice floe? Aren't they the same thing? An ice maker should be making ice!  Cubes form and flow, tray by tray, into a bin in the freezer. An ice floe  is defined as floating or damming ice.  In this freezer we have an ice floe! I have to say, I have never seen t...
Free Enterprise Multiplies Opportunities That Are Created And Seized     "Opportunities multiply when they are seized." Sun Tzu (544BC - 496BC) Short and sweet.  From the Chinese war strategist and tactician whose wisdom and brilliance is so often demonstrated in his brevity. If free enterprise i...
This is a custom home pre-drywall inspection - and a steel beam that's too short. How does a home inspector know that a steel beam is too short?  By looking at it.  This is what you can see. It is a large bump out, bay window style. The span is 16', supporting a load-bearing wall above. A steel b...
Wet crawl spaces make for wet houses - a follow up. My previous post about wet crawl spaces and wet houses spurred me to do additional research. When I have HVAC or ventilation questions, I contact Dr. Max Sherman.  His team at the Lawrence Berkeley Labs is integrally involved with ASHRAE and RES...

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