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I'm never pleased when there are a lot of homeowner (or clever uncle) electrical "upgrades" in a home, but I am ESPECIALLY not pleased when there is electrical voltage where and when it should not be. What you say?  That's not so odd. Unfortunately that would be a correct retort!  But still, I am...
Really, when it comes to averages or percentages, two out of three isn't bad.  Unless it's bathroom vents. They need to be 100%.  They need to not fail.  They need to find their way directly outdoors. During home inspections I like to see where the bathroom vents are blowing. If I can't see where...
Have you seen these porcelain refinish jobs?  I do all the time.  Only the jobs done most recently do not have problems. Tubs, sinks, counter tops, ceramic tile - all these can be refinished.  And there are many companies and contractors who do this work. The problem I see most often is peeling. ...
My client asked, "How do I clean the stained brick?" Well, I don't know!  I guess that depends on what is causing the staining. Underneath each of the four plastic shutters were brown stains.  Notice how the stains are just under the edges? What is causing them? 1.  That isn't staining.  The bric...
I ask all the time if a house is Energy Star or to meet certain criteria and with this one I got the answer, "We paid for extra insulation." Who know what that means. Extra as compared to what?  What is the normal and what are they adding to that? When I get "extra" fried onions, or tomatoes, or ...
Managing Change   "It is not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change." Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882) Darwin carved a niche for himself as someone who is respected and someone who is reviled. The above quote, typically associated with his thinking abo...
The "feature" information says, "New Addition With Air Conditioning."  Truth in feature lists. Yes, the house was built in 1963, and the addition, I guessed from the date in a toilet, was put on in 1975.  So it was new-ER. And it has air conditioning. Look at it - that's some fine air conditionin...
Animals are very opportunistic creatures - we'll call this Ornithology 101 - If You Hole It They Will Come. Ornithology, from the Greek word ornis, meaning "bird." Birdhouses large and small only need a hole to attract birds.  And when you build a little house to go outdoors for birds, if you hol...
What do you do when the chimney moves, and pulls away from the house? 1.  Pull the chimney back from inside the attic so it's straight up and down, being sure to tie it securely to more than one roof rafter.  This insures it will not move any more. 2.  Cover any gap with goop and a strip of wood ...
It surprises me that codes have to be written to cover common sense things, like the question:  should appliance receptacles be accessible? Over the years I have seen book shelves built in offices that cover two of the receptacles in a room without any access to them.  Well, (National Electric Co...

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