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Are drip pans under washing machines, or water heaters, or HVAC mechanisms on upper floors important? In this house, the builder says a washing machine drip pan doesn't catch leaks anyway. If not, then why are they used everywhere else? When I see a laundry room on an upper level, and in this hou...
Scoring some really good tickets to the final Redskin pre-season game, we arrived early enough to see some warm ups and have a nice meal. Only the "older" set would wear the Number 9. That is former quarterback Sonny Jurgensen's jersey and number. The first team did not play. The second (and/or t...
It is said that a home inspector looks at a house from top to bottom.  And that is certainly true. Often what is happening on top can be manifest at the bottom!  Why?  Gravity and things, like water, flow downhill. So when I saw a couple of roof problems, part of the manifestation of those proble...
"Just because you don't take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you." Pericles (495-425 BC) His name meant "surrounded by glory."  And he was.  Pericles was a very respected statesman, orator and general in ancient Athens. Pericles was also a proponent of educ...
Sometimes on listing information it will mention something like, "Kitchen fan comes as is."  That's a tip it doesn't work.  In this case they could have said, "Or isn't, as the case may be ... whatever."  This is The New Normal. I was exceptionally amused when I saw the "kitchen fan." And this ap...
Often the R-value of insulation is touted by builders and there is only one way to check up on builder insulation claims. You have to look.  I measure it! How does insulation work?  Insulation blocks or traps air.  R-value, or resistance value, expresses the thermal resistance of the material use...
You know it's going to be a fun inspection when ... The first thing you see is not quite correct! So, did the boys cut and install a floor register that is too big? Or, did the boys simply buy and install the wrong sized register covers? How about a quiz? Pick any that might apply: 1.  This is an...
In this case "Shouldn't the door on my house be like the one in the model?" was the question, but anything could have been substituted for the word "door."  Unless the contract stipulates differently, I think what comes in the model should be the example of what comes with another house.  I think...
I see this very seldom - stopping air flow with spray foam - a best practice! Slowly builders are coming around to the idea that spray foam over the rim joist helps a whole lot toward controlling temperatures between floors.  After all, the area between the floor and ceiling is a space that is ty...
It is always good when I see a builder anticipating future electrical usage - as a best practice. One thing home inspectors run into is under-powered electrical supply in a house.  Older wiring often isn't sufficient for modern electrical needs.  Codes have changed to reflect this, but what is in...

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