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When school is out and you have a free afternoon, you should take advantage!  No point in sitting around the house.  Not far from us is the Marine Corp Museum.  It is a big, and very interesting place.                       It was snowy and wet, but fun.  That prong on the top of the building is ...
Yes, we are getting snow. I have heard everything from 4" to 12".  This photo is taken about 6pm, and it has been snowing for a couple of hours. We had steaks planned for the grill, marinating all day, ready to go. Do you think a little snow is going to get in the way of that? Not in this house! ...
How do I approach this post? Unbelievably I was called and scheduled to inspect this house.  When I had looked at it previously I did not know the Flipper, but I did know, from reading the sign, that the house had been purchased by and was being remodeled by one of the local Counties.  It was the...
"Socialism has been a great tragedy this century."                                                                  Robert Heilbroner The American economist Heilbroner was a committed socialist and OFTEN brought up by liberals as the "voice of economic reason" whenever anyone needed a good social...
I don't know if most accidents happen at home, it is because we are there a lot or because we do so many things that will become "accidents." Personally I think most accidents are planned.  Well, not PLANNED directly, but not thinking we do things that will fail, or fall, or break, or whatever, a...
You have to check everything on a flip.  Even when things are "brand new!"  So said the ad.  After the unsecured dishwasher slid out from under the "brand new!" granite counter tops, and it's drain line wasn't connected, and the granite splash block wasn't glued to the wall or caulked to the coun...
"Inflation comes about because our politicians and bankers create billions of new paper dollars out of nowhere.  It is, in essence, the same thing as counterfeiting, which if done by a private citizen would result in a jail sentence."                                                               ...
This is a flip, and a total "remodel," of a 120 year old house.  I always expect to find things that aren't right. AND WE WERE IN FOR SOME FUN! After turning appliances on to get them running, I always start in the basement.  The first thing I see is the new heat pump, but it is hooked up to the ...
During home inspections we OFTEN come up against a small problem that can be easily fixed.  And sometimes the buyer tries to jump in to fix it on the spot, thinking it will help the inspection process. I ALWAYS HAVE TO CAUTION PEOPLE AGAINST TRYING TO REPAIR SOMETHING DURING A HOME INSPECTION. Wh...
Back in 2006 an author previously unknown to me, Brad Meltzer, wrote a book entitled The Book of Fate.  It was, and is, one of many books he has authored, mystery thrillers all.  This one was about all of the architectural and geographic symbolism in Washington DC.  So of course I read it! Now, I...

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