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Crutch - noun - /krutch/ - a long stick with a crosspiece at the top, used as a support by a lame person. My first introduction to a crutch was in reading Uncle Wiggily books as a small child.  He had a barber pole crutch to help with his rheumatism, and was never without it. I was pretty sure I ...
As houses sit for months, and in the case of this house over a year, conditions can develop that buyers might not consider.  This one photo is reason enough to get a home inspection!  This buyer told me he had been to (and since there was a combo box on the door INSIDE) the house many times.  He ...
My neighbor's house across the street was built on what used to be a small pond.  The water in the pond seemed to come from no where, so I suspected it was fed by a small spring underneath. To build the house, they "drained" the pond and began digging for the basement and foundation footings.  Be...
"Government control gives rise to fraud, suppression of Truth, intensification of the black market and artificial scarcity.  Above all, it unmans the people and deprives them of initiative, it undoes the teaching of self help."                                                                     ...
Hi, Billy Jays here! As a prominent, and popular, inventor and media marketer, I get a lot of fan mail! And why not?  My products are everywhere, of excellent quality and timely. One of the reasons they are so timely is because of excellent suggestions that I receive from my clients, and fans! I ...
It's not often that you get a gift that is given by many people.  My kids all got together and had something made for me.  And it's just for me.  You don't have one.  At this point I could say Ha Ha, but I won't.  Although I did. They know I am the steak meister. They know I am out on the deck gr...
As a kid, reading the Sunday comics, I was a fan of Mark Trail.  He was a woodsman, with lots of wisdom and woodland lore.  As a Boy Scout, and camper, I found him entertaining and informative. He had some seasonal appeal too.  Here is a Christmas comic that should be remembered. Mixing images to...
Do you go into people's homes?  Is it a part of your job?  Or are you a social butterfly and flit from home to home? Are you forever worrying that a dog might be inside, and that you might be bitten? Well, that worry is now a thing of the past! Your new mantra can now be NEVER AGAIN!  I am NOT d...
Listing agents can be funny.  Some like to show up at the end of a home inspection on their listing "just to answer any questions."  Sometimes they also feel the need to give me a little history, just so I know. I have been doing this long enough to be able to translate all that.  What the agent ...
I do not have good luck with dogs.  Yesterday I dropped a radon test off at a house in anticipation of an inspection tomorrow.  That way I can have the results on site at the same time as the inspection report. Arriving, two dogs were behind a gate but very interested in my arrival. They were bot...

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