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Often I go into attics and see that people have put in extra insulation.  They usually make two mistakes - they use the wrong kind of insulation and install it wrong, OR it is put in the wrong direction. The purpose of insulation is to provide a thermal barrier.  The amount of insulation gives it...
Have you ever been in the bathroom and the water in the toilet becomes disturbed when some other plumbing, either in the bathroom or the house, is turned on?  The reason for that is there is some kind of a vent problem or a blockage in the drain line.  Some older houses around here have the old d...
Do you want a little variety in life? Tired of that smooth, one-note lawn? Wouldn't a little crabgrass here and there spruce it up!? You know it would! Well, be tired no more!  Get that variety we all want and need! Hi, Billy Jays here! Conduit Yer Crabgrass! Just pick yer spot! Along the drivew...
In the previous post I discussed dusty ducts and their contents.  That post has become increasingly popular!  And I have received many private contacts asking for the follow up! So, how can we prevent such dust build up in our ducts and forestall its accumulation? First, there are two HVAC indust...
"Individuality is the aim of political liberty.  By leaving the citizen as much freedom of action and of being as comports with order and the rights of others, the institutions render him truly a freeman.  He is left to pursue his means of happiness in his own manner."                            ...
I am asked by clients and Realtors all the time - "Is duct cleaning really worth it?"  I had an email contact just yesterday about this very subject.  So I thought a post would be worth while and instructive. Well, you tell me!  Dust accumulates anywhere it can land.  As it accumulates many thing...
This is an easy one!  All you need is a website for people with a home inspection problem to find you, a car to get you to where they live, and some really cool tools, including an infrared camera.  Beyond that, knowing what you are doing is important, but you have already demonstrated that with ...
When water is getting into houses, it can cause damage to many things - drywall, structure, flooring, carpeting, etc.  There is also residual damage - mold.  Mold is not the problem - it is the indicator that there is a problem.  Mold is a symptom.  Mold cannot be cleaned up until the source of a...
One of the things that must be done with kids is buying shoes.  This is the newest pair for our 13 year old. Now I don't know about you, but when I was 13, if I had worn a pair of shoes like that to school I would probably have been beaten up.  I would NEVER have been caught dead in those things!...
While in downtown Washington DC, inspecting a 100 year old row house (we would call them townhouses!), I noticed something interesting between the house we were inspecting and the one next door. Both houses had upgraded electrical service conductors.  I took a minute to explain this to my client....

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