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"Government "help" to business is just as disastrous as government persecution... the only way a government can be of service to national prosperity is by keeping its hands off."                                                                                              Ayn Rand That was one of...
One would hope that Flippers were either capable of renovating a home, or employs professionals who know what they are doing.  Doing home inspections professionally I have learned that hope really does spring eternal... This particular house, with the fine front stoop repair, was serviced by Liqu...
Sometimes I smile and sometimes I cringe when someone calls to schedule an inspection and they say that the house was a foreclosure but an investor bought it and fixed it up and it is "beautiful now." Well, to each his own. This is what greeted me as I approached this three year old house! The si...
That was the question I heard over the phone when someone needing a thermal image inspection, among other things, called to find out about possible foundation leaks.  They had this problem once before and were upset at having to deal with it again. As to foundations, it is not a question of wheth...
That was my answer when a client asked me if a retaining wall was actually doing anything.  Retain - verb 1 continue to have; keep possession of. 2 absorb and continue to hold (a substance). 3 keep in place; hold fixed.  ORIGIN Latin retinere - 'hold back'. Retaining wall - noun a wall that holds...
"The liberals consider profits as objectionable.  The very existence of profits is in their eyes a proof that wage rates could be raised without harm to anybody.  They speak of profit without dealing with loss.  Profit and loss are the instruments by means of which the consumers keep a tight rei...
Hi kids!  Ever wish you could add a spot light trained on your front sidewalk? Or maybe a camera to watch the yard or the neighbors? Or how about a telescope to spy on those neighbors across the street? Well, wish no more! Hi, Billy Jays here! All you need is our newest product, Tube Yer Top! Ye...
It is probably true that on half the home inspections I do the filter is installed backwards.  It is important that the filter be installed the right way!  Why?  Because one side is stronger and meant to handle the air flow's pressure.  There is an arrow drawn on every filter to tell you the air ...
Last weekend I went to visit my daughter and son-in-law.  She is due to have a baby, our first grand child, in October.  I went out to have a look at their house just before their one-year warranty expired and to do some remodeling in the house.  And I can tell you, I was busy all weekend!       ...
While at a pre-drywall inspection, bouncing on a floor, I decided to check out other things.  Why not?  I'm there anyway, and one glaring problem almost always indicates that others will be lurking around.  And there were! I tried to get a photo that actually demonstrates everything going on, but...

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