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It's never a good sign on a final walk through to meander around to the back of new construction to see the stair well look like this.  This is the builder's final presentation for the buyer before their settlement!  And it looks like this. The yard was being watered, which was fine.  That accou...
"The government has nothing to give to anybody that it doesn't first take from someone else."                                             Henry Hazlitt Would that everybody understood that simple concept!  How many people would walk around their neighborhood and knock on their neighbor's doors an...
How often does that outdoor siding project bother you to the point you are dreaming about it?  And just how much worry is too much worry? There's that hole in the siding you just can't figure out what to do with.  It's been there for some time.  You know you have to get to it, and you don't want...
This was the only townhouse in the development that had an extension on all three floors.  This extenson really makes the house.  It adds three great rooms, all 12x14'.  And it makes the house appear big because it is so deep and the extra windows add lots of light. However, given the situation o...
Colonel Thomas J. Jackson retired from the army (at 27 years of age) to become an instructor at the Virginia Military Institute.  He was appointed a Brigadier General just before the Civil War, and was present at the execution of John Brown. He later became General Lee's favorite and most trusted...
Two weeks ago I ordered and picked up the new Sprint 4G Smart Phone.  At the same time I bought a new Blue Tooth ear piece. The ear piece did not work well at all, so I took it back.  The new box was put in my bag, but when I got home I found another brand new Smart Phone in there too!  Knowing i...
Here is everything you need to know about efficient windows.  When you buy a new house, or replace your windows, you want to know about two things - 1.  Do they have high, moderate or low solar gain, and, 2.  What is the U-factor?  From this you can calculate the U-value. New, efficient windows a...
At a pre-drywall inspection I noticed a header over a window.  It was a product I had never seen this before.  It is a Canadian product, similar to what we call here a Microlaminated beam or a Paralaminated beam.  This is a Timberstrand.  It is basically composed of wood chips and such, compresse...
That was the question my clients asked me when I pointed out the dangers to small children inherent at their home inspection.  This patio sold the house!  It is beautiful.  Now don't get me wrong!  I grew up in the 50's and 60's.  We ate asbestos and lead, rolled in radon pits and swam in creeks ...
At 11:15 today my phone rings. It was a news reporter for Fox5 News here in Washington. She is doing a report on Chinese Drywall and ran across my blogs. She liked them enough to call me. "Can we meet somewhere for a taped interview? I want you to show me how you would go about checking for Chine...

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