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Last inspection for January - it's the 31st.  I knew the house would have problems when there was no key in the lock box. The seller (investor, who bought and "remodeled" a foreclosure) was called and sent his wife with the key. We waited 45 minutes. Well, the only thing odd about the house was s...
After hurricane Katrina there were shortages of various construction materials.  There was too much that needed to be done at one time.  One thing in short supply was drywall.  This immediate need inspired the importation of tens of millions of square feet of drywall.  No problem - so builders im...
My house is 10 years old.  I received an insert from the mortgage company.  It is an offer to purchase a home warranty.  Everything in my house is original except the disposal. I have never purchased one!  My clients often do.  You are going to have to help me here. This one is underwritten by Ho...
If you are interested in quick answers to leaky house questions, general or specific, there is a useful website to log on to.  Your Leaking House, created and maintained by Carl Brown and Dale Duffy.  It is populated by knowledgeable home inspectors nationwide who contribute and share their exper...
For a long time now, I am signed on to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to receive their emails. The send me recall notices. I told them which things I wanted notices on – consumer products, toys, tools, electrical, etc. – and they send me emails when testing orders a recall. I do it...
A while ago, I arrived at a house to do a home inspection.  I habitually get to home inspections early to get various things done before others arrive.  The buyer's realtor knew that, she knows me too well, and she told the listing agent.  I was met early by both realtors, buyer and seller.  They...
Recently I did and inspection on a new home on which I had previously done a pre-drywall inspection.  That was three months previous! The builder was VERY slow to finish the house. The supervisor said they had "taken their time to get it right." At this point you are supposed to cough and say, "U...
I did an inspection.  I do them now and again. This one involved a dual agent - she "represented" both sides of the deal, buyer and seller. She did not tell me that prior to the inspection. It would not have made a difference anyway, but she should have been upfront. The house was a flip.  It was...
I have received three calls* in two days for freezing pipes.  That is not so unusual... It's where the pipes are freezing that makes this so odd.  You see, in every call, it is the kitchen sink cold water pipe that is freezing! It has been very cold and got to 5 degrees F last night at my house i...
Why is there no time to do it right the first time, but enough to come back later and try to fix it? How profitable can that be? Why, on a final walk through, does a builder create a list, sometimes a huge list, of things they agree they will come back for later? Why not give it your best shot th...

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