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Here you'll find info on the Phoenix area real estate market. Plus who knows what else! Please visit our "other" blog, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy!
Please join me in welcoming the newest member of ActiveRain -- Roman Xavier La Guardia!Yes, our wonderful AR Community Manager, Kerrie La Guardia, had her baby!He's a bit early, but looking GOOD!Congrats Kerrie, Lelani and Roman!
Greetings Rainers!As most of you know, your tireless and dedicated Community Manager Kerrie La Guardia is taking a short break to discover all that motherhood has to offer. (Well, maybe not ALL it has to offer. It'll be more like an "Introduction to Motherhood.")We wish her well! Yours truly will...
Greetings Rainers!With so much housing data available, how do you decide what might be relevant or interesting to your clients? How do you use data to better understand the market and communicate your expertise to home shoppers? Join Zillow in our next Twitter chat to explore these questions and ...
Greetings!If you've been around the social sites on the Interwebs, you've probably seen me comment on discussions about Zillow. I usually lead off my comments with, "Jay T. from Zillow Group here..." (hence the title of this post. Clever, huh? ;)I'm sitting at my desk at Zillow Group HQ in Seattl...
Update 12/11/2011 - Clint Miller passed away this evening. Godspeed my friend.   Mona Gersky wrote a great featured post yesterday titled, "Are We Losing Something "Real" With Our Obsession With Social Media?". It's an interesting question, and one that comes up frequently in discussions about so...
Look Honey! Another website project... I know there are people out there that don't like agent review sites. I don't understand that. The public certianly uses review sites of many flavors. And if you are good at what you do, why would you be opposed to clients saying so on a public forum? To tha...
Author's Note: This post was originally published on Active Rain on June 25, 2006 and was recognized by Bob Stewart and other AR founders as the first real blog post on Active Rain. In an act governed primarily by emotion, I deleted it, and all my other AR posts on July 7, 2010. Sometimes I regre...
As of March 9th, 2009, Point2 Agent will no longer be supporting any free Standard Point2 Agent accounts.This change was announced on the Point2 Agent site by CEO Saul Klein. That page also contains an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding the change.While I think it's sure to upset plenty o...
If you haven't heard of or been to Inman Real Estate Connect, you are missing one of the best real estate technology connferences out there. Problem is, conferences are expensive. There's getting INTO the conference, and there is getting TO the conference. It adds up FAST. Well thanks to Inman Ne...
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Here you'll find info on the Phoenix area real estate market. Plus who knows what else! Please visit our "other" blog, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy!