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Mortgage companies are said to be sending over 200,000 letters to borrowers in danger of default in order to help re-structure debt and help save them from forclosure. This effort was announced earlier this month by the bush admisistration. Lenders like Countrywide, B of A and others will be part...
All this talk of a recession seems to be media hype if you ask me. Our country came out with some GREAT numbers today in regards to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) the overall health of our economy reported some very impressive numbers! The jobs report was also very positive. Most see oil sky ro...
Fed cuts rates just as expected This rate cut is unlikely ot effect longterm mortgage rates significantly. However it may stimulate buyers back into the market place where they will still have the negotiating power over sellers. The housing correction is expected to continue on for at least the n...
Another rate cut is expected as the FED meets two days in a row to evaluate current rates. A cut of .25 basis point is expected with no further action until after the new year. Fed Officials Weigh a Rate Cut Long term mortgage rates are not expected to be effected immediately. Most believe that c...
Come join us for a full day of FREE Real Estate Investing Education! If you’ve already been exposed to Nouveau Riche University and you know what we are about then here’s your chance to sample one full day of nuts and bolts education for FREE. If you have not checked us out yet but would like to...
Now is the perfect time for investing in Real Estate!  The opportunities are everywhere!  Our Network is expanding into Santa Rosa!  Be a part of our first ever Briefing of Nouveau Riche University in the Santa Rosa area.  If you or anyone you know has ever thought of making big money and taking ...
Good-bye, easy money. Hello, credit squeeze. If you haven't tried to borrow since the subprime chaos began, you'll find your friendly money bazaar a much more cautious place. The lenders that in 2005 threw funds at anyone with a pulse have begun to insist on proof that borrowers have a prayer of...
We are proud to be able to invite you to our one day Intesive Real Estate workshop. Download your Invitation NOW Building on a tradition of providing unprecedented value for the ultimate educational experience, we rocket ahead of the so-called competition with The Intensive workshop. A compliment...
Happy September everyone! The beginning of Fall and Football is upon us. I would like to invite you to download September's newsletter This months topics include interest rate updates and with all the changes in the mortgage markets, getting back to the basics in a Real Estate plan.
As the list of mortgage lenders who have failed, are failing, or are remaining very quiet about their status continues to grow the addition of each new name has reached the level of "so what else is new?" This week, however, there was a development that is certainly worth mentioning. After nearl...

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