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    Some Buyers do not care whether they are in an HOA governed community or not, and others specifically ask for one or the other.     In Denver, if a home was built after the mid-90's, it most likely is in an HOA governed community.   (With the exception of homes that have been scraped and re-...
Some really terrific advice from a seasoned professional! How To Win a Real Estate Bidding War    What's the one thing you can do to make your offer to buy a home stand out?  What's the secret sauce, the magic bullet, the key to success?     If you answered, "There isn't one," you're pretty close...
Wonderful post! This is so clear and concise. The message is positive."Historically, when the economy's in the red, housing stays in the black." How to Answer the Tough Questions     BLINK!  And the market's changed.  It happens all the time.  A market moves from hot, with homes selling in days, ...
 Puffery"Well go and get your potholders out because this one is so hot you may not be able to touch it."Real estate professionals - are unsubstantiated claims of concern to you? Plain old exaggeration or foolishness? Truth in advertising? I find listings that are marketed in this way irritating....
 After a couple of decades spent out east in Suffolk County, Long Island, it was, once again, time for a move. For a variety of reasons, we targeted Long Beach, New York as our 2nd stop in Nassau County. While I was searching for the perfect home, I had a list of must haves. For my purposes, the ...
  For anyone who's ever been enrolled in an undergraduate Psychology course, the famous  "Baby X Experiment" will probably ring a bell. This is a fictional tale that appeared in Ms. Magazine in 1975 in which the sexual identity of an infant is kept hidden for the first few years of life and the s...
P.G.A. Bethpage Black Since the 2019 Championship is on Long Island this week, I am reprising a blogpost from 2011.            In some parts of the country, golf is played all year round. New York also has courses that are open everyday, but in truth, the season really begins April 1st and ends a...
Advantages of Blogging On a Regular Schedule Now I know that blogging on a regular basis has all sorts of advantages for the blogger.  I don't always make the time because it sometimes feels like too ambitious a goal. Having said that, blogging discipline will reap some enticing dividends:  anyth...
 Thinking about a real estate career path? In class, we learned about Russell, a real estate agent at the age of 103.  For most of his life, he was a physician.  Now, he sells houses.   Are you wondering who's doing the driving? After 25 years of government service, my mom retired from work. Feel...
 Some cultures have a firm tradition of family commitment to the elderly; Asian, Native American, African American and Latino, to name a few. Seniors are respected for their many years of experience and wisdom. Elder care remains a family issue. Private care may not be an option and there may be ...

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