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Letter to Short Sale Seller - RE: Making Your Home Available You are hiring us to sell the home, negotiate with the bank and close this short sale deal.  There's a few things that will absolutely need to be understood.  Our team loves you, but we might tell you a few things that might sting a bit...
How to spot a real short sale investor   Short Sale Investors call us all the time to make offers on our short sale listings. In this video and post we'll help cover how to spot a real offer and how to discover who is really interested in taking advantage of the low prices in the market and the "...
We do so many Atlanta Short Sales from clients that got denied at loan modifications that we finally decided to put out a guide for Georgia sellers who want to try to a do a Loan Modification.  If you want to jump to get the guide just click here. The guide itself goes in depth on what it takes t...
What are some good neighborhoods in Atlanta?We get this question a lot.  As internet specialists, we do a lot of relocation for clients. One of the most common questions is, What are some good neighborhoods in Atlanta?.  That's a great question but often we need to get people to back up and think...

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All about Atlanta Real Estate and the home selling and buying process.