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After 12 wonderful years as an Accredited Staging Professional, it is time for me to retire. I have enjoyed every minute of it! I have worked with super Realtors and their clients to share in their successful sales. It was so rewarding!I would consult on their home and give them a plan of action ...
Right now we have what is called a Seller's Market in Burlington. There are fewer homes on the market and lots of buyers. Prices are rising and buyers are competing for homes.  This may lull Sellers into the old 'I don't need to do anything' attitude. But that would be a mistake. No matter what t...
Often, my clients are nervous about having a stranger come and assess their home. They worry that their home is not clean enough, needs work, is too cluttered etc. I try to reassure them that I see all my clients at the same stage of the selling process. I call it the ControlledPanic stage. They ...
Last night I did a consult on a charming older home. It was built in the knob and tube era. The home was small but charming. Walking through it showed me once again how important the Big Three of Staging are when selling. SpaceNo matter what size of home, a buyer needs to feel that the rooms are ...
Over the last 11 years I have worked with couples going through a divorce. It's not easy. It's not easy for the couples or the Stager if there is a lot of animosity. I feel for these people. The couples are hurting so much that they would rather score a shot off of their 'partner' than work toget...
Is your house just 'too much' for buyers to identify with?  Is your home 'too cluttered' to appeal? That lived in look keeps buyers from seeing the features of the space.         Is your decor 'too taste specific'? Will that wallpaper or strong paint color have broad appeal?         Are the bathr...
You do not want a wrinkled nose and the comment 'What is that smell?!' from a Buyer when they step into your home.                         Buyers use all their senses when they view homes. They rely heavily on 'Sight' but don't forget about their sense of 'Smell'.  Cooking Odors are the most comm...
The Holiday Season is approaching fast and your house is on the market. Do you have to forget decorating this year? After all, the Staging shows say the house has to be neutral and decluttered. The answer is definitely NOT!                               Help the Buyers imagine spending Christmas ...
                                No matter what size of home you are selling, a sense of space is a must. Buyers should feel that your home has spacious rooms for its size. A room should open up for the Buyer as they step through the entry. This is particularly important for homes that are not ope...
                                        Walking into a Staged home should not make you want to protect yourself from the chill. It should be warm and welcoming. At a recent social function, an acquaintance said she would never use Staging because the pictures she had seen of Staged houses looked ...

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