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It's a new year, and so we set our goals, make our resolutions and begin anew.  Then we go along throughout the months, and we get sidetracked.  Life gets us down.  People lie to us or tell us we're not good enough or that they don't love us or the project disintegrates or we become ill or we los...
What a great resource for the inside story on short sales!  I worked on a short sale with 3 different contracts over a year with a lender (Chase)  to eventually say that they were not going to short sale the property.  Now I know why.  What a waste of time and effort on everyone's part. Lenders m...
A new article in the Sun Sentinel today suggested after extensive study that it was not proven that Chinese drywall is a health hazard even though people could feel and smell a difference in many of the homes. We will definitely continue to hear more about this issue.     Michael Cantwell Chinese...
As Realtors we are always looking for just the right area to prospect, and frequently we find it right under our own noses or should I say fingertips?  Well, here we are with another discovery; internet dating is a fine place to find new clients. Think of the demographic and the psychology of the...
Who would have known that the profession of real estate prepares you for internet dating. Those of you who have been in the business for a number of years know that as careful as you try to be there are times that you throw a person in the car and off you go to visit a home or you meet someone th...

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