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You decided to sell your home and are now faced with the dreaded Seller Disclosure form. What do you need to disclose…and what can be left unsaid? Do you have to disclose the crabby neighbor next door, or the ghostly rattling in your attic?Well, the answer to that question depends largely on wher...
Property owners in Fairfax County will not see an increase in the real estate tax rate on July 1. The $4.1 billion budget adopted by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for fiscal year 2018, includes $13 million in “savings, reductions, and efficiencies.” This will allow the tax to stay at it...
Father’s Day is upon us. Many of us will be visiting our dads, bringing them gifts, and saying, “Happy Father’s Day, Dad!” How can we begin to show that we appreciate all the things a dad has been to us? Somehow, the traditional gift of a tie doesn’t seem to cover it. How do you show your gratitu...
According to Bloomberg’s 100 Richest Places, McLean residents are ranked 23rd among the country’s top earners. McLean’s 2015 average household income for 2015 was $268,997, which is up more than $3,400 from 2014.Bloomberg’s list works on ranking communities based on an average household income th...
People buy condos for many different reasons. The young couple just beginning is as likely to buy one as the empty nest couple. The upwardly mobile millennial will like the freedom from the responsibilities that go with owning a single residence home. I call it the “no mow” principle.Whatever you...
Spring is upon us, even if the weather in the McLean area doesn’t quite show it. That means many people will be placing their homes on the market. If you fall into this category, there are some steps you can take to ensure the quickest sale at the best price for your home. We can also suggest way...
In a regional census conducted by Fosterly’s, Fairfax County was found to have the highest density of startups in Northern Virginia. In fact, Northern Virginia is home to 32 percent of startups in the region. This is second only to DC, which came in at 40%.Fairfax County and the Fairfax County Ec...
Strangely, in 2015, the most expensive homes sold in the Washington area were the same as in 2016. The two historic mansions that were home to the Textile Museum were sold together 20 May 2015 and seventeen months later, they were sold again for $4 million more than they last sold for by Jeff Bez...
Though the final numbers won’t be in until Jan 10th, the Northern Virginia real estate market seems likely to report its best sales year since the recession.While that is great news overall, the average sales price did take a hit, just a small one, for the first time in six years.So far, 11 out o...

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