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Pay it forward.  Karma.  The Golden Rule.  Whatever you call it.  Do it.  Random Acts of Kindness.  Happy Wednesday!  Pass it on.  Janell is a member of Rentec Direct, a web-based property management software program designed to help streamline tenant screening and the day-to-day operations of la...
This was from a night walk I took my daughter on.  We had such a good time finding our way by moonlight and it was great to see her lose any fear of the dark.   Wishing everyone a fun and safe Halloween night tomorrow!  Watch out for those little gobblins as they travel through your neighborhoods...
Every winter, I am affected by the dwindling sunlight.  I've checked with my teammates who, like me,  work in front of a computer, day in and day out, as we navigate property management software, and they report similar effects.   In winter, my sleep cycle can be sporadic and I get moody for no r...
Beyond the standard due-dilligence people do before moving into a home - checking on neighborhoods, crime rates, size of home, price, condition, ammenities - what are some of the fringe reasons people are moving in or out of homes in your area?  I hear the gamut daily, working with Property Manag...
Somehow I got sidetracked today while at work and ended up on the Guinness Book of World Records website. It's good to take a mental break, right?!  I remember as a 7 year-old kid devouring a paperback edition and being awe-struck with some of the records.  Today was no exception!  Some wild stuf...
Yesterday when I was driving through town on a way to a meeting, in front of me was a bright red F350, all shiny and new, monster tires and all the fixin's. And written across the back window in giant letters with what looked like shaving cream was... IF IT AIN'T PITIT AINT SH*TCALL TO RESERVE YO...
Once in a blue moon, I get a potential customer for our property management software on the phone that makes me shake my head with disbelief; disbelief that they have managed to stay in business for more than one day.   Today was one such day.Let's call him Jim.  Jim the Kookadoo.  The Kookadoo w...
Really, I'd have to say it's more like WordMore.  This physics grad-student's project is so fresh, and brilliant and worth a diversion from your day.  A fantastic reminder that even the brightest of ideas can be re-cultivated to reflect your own awesomeness.  Get ready for Bohemian Rhapsody GONE ...
I've given myself a challenge for the next 30 days and that is to only share with others things that speak of happiness and joy.  My thinking is that there is enough apathy, sarcasm, critisism, sadness, fear, anger and judgement in the world and I'd rather work to counter it.  There's plenty of d...
There really are no words that need to be said to conjure up a whole host of emotions and thoughts on this day.  So much has already been said. I often look at this photo I took in February, 12 years ago, on my first visit to NYC.  The feelings I have when I look at this photo, surprisingly, are ...

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