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Just because you can't understand what someone is trying to say, does that make it "wordless"?      For some reason, this video I took the other night in the dark on our little farm reminded me of how sometimes it can be difficult understanding what others are really trying to say to us, for exam...
I'm taken back.I just left a message for someone who had an office voice mail greeting that said..."Thank you for calling.  Please leave a message. And don't call back 7 times in a row and leave a message as it will not get us to call you back any quicker. And don't give your rent payment to Henr...
Last week over the holidays, old friends came to visit and while indulging in endless turkey and pumpkin pie, I asked how things were going with their rentals.  They rolled their eyes and said "Just terrible!"  Things haven't changed much for them.  Deadbeats trashing their houses, evictions, una...
I'm sort of spoiled, when it comes to access to farm-fresh organic food.  While I spend most of the hours of my work day helping landlords, brokers and property managers at Rentec Direct, my husband maintains our family farm.  For the most part, we eat what we grow and I feel pretty lucky.  Excep...
New love is like Springtime - everything fresh and promising.  Birds Singing, sun warming your skin, grass greening.  As flowers are blooming, no one wants to think of winter, right?  Yet as any good gardener knows, you should always be planning for the change of season.  And that holds true for ...
Yes, this is a photo of the inside of my clothes dryer.  And it has happened two days in a row this week!!!  A puffed-up and very dry - and dead - little mouse awaited me as I retrieved my "clean" clothes.  Aaagggghhhh!!!!  I can just imagine this little fella welcoming a new tenant or home buyer...
There's a lot abuzz here in Oregon today after our state became the third in the country to legalize recreational cannabis use and sales. (Alaska looks to be fourth in line and D.C. has just legalized personal growing and use.) While scanning the internet this morning, there were images of people...
As an Oregonian, my phone has been ringing off the hook the last month with pre-recorded messages telling me why I should be affraid of what "some" Oregonians want.  The calls are coming in from cities where I have lived before (sneaky) and I sometimes pick up the call thinking it is an old frien...
                                                                                         Janell is a member of Rentec Direct, a web-based property management software program designed to help streamline tenant screening and the day-to-day operations of landlords and property managers.  
Last Thursday I hit the open road with our marketing guru from Rentec Direct, Kaycee Wegener.  While we had seen torrential downpours and storms the night before, our drive through Oregon was crystal clear and gorgeously littered with fall colors.   Our destination was the North Bend, Rental Owne...

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