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One of my daily tasks is tracking customer feedback about our web-based rental software.  The vocal crowd - which every business has one - lets me know what they wish we offered that we don’t.  Sure we get lots of great kudos and pats on the back, but inevitably, we get some “I will die if you d...
I don't have much to offer today for tidbits/insight in the way of real estate or property management software, as I'm distracted.  Instead, I wanted to connect with the members on Active Rain and exchange some meaningful stories, as a way to humanize our daily work and paths.  I remember my firs...
Recently my husband and I remodeled our kitchen and I have never been a happier clam!  When we first purchased our home, three years ago,  we knew it needed LOTS of work and having plenty of experience remodeling homes, we weren’t daunted by the fact.  However, after we moved in and our prioritie...
Today I was talking to a current customer who uses our property management software to manage the various rentals she owns.  One of her homes became vacant and she was reporting the great success she had using our simple built-in advertising & application features to generate traffic for this vac...
This month, the online rental software company I work with has been looking to bring on a new person to our support team.  We’ve been fortunate to interview several quality people who have great experience working as site managers, property managers and landlords themselves. I actually have enjoy...
When I first joined Active Rain back in 2011, looking to learn more about the customers I help daily with our web based rental software, I was so excited to see the variety of blogs and groups and channels!  I never run out of options, only time to read them all.  I love reading what everyone has...
Today, when I was helping a new customer get his properties setup in our property management software, we took a little time to talk "shop" - you know, the sort of thing you do with your clients that has nothing really to do with business, but matters when it comes to your business relationship? ...
I'm guilty.  I ignored my own advice.When we bought our home four years ago in sunny Southern Oregon (home to Rentec Direct’s rental software), in the middle of June, we were very excited about our new digs.  Don't get me wrong, it was a total wreck of a house in need of a complete overhaul, but ...
Sure it is! After most of the country landed upside down following the 2007 economic crisis, entrepreneurs looked at misery and found opportunity.  Creative folks started turning nothing in something.  It became cool to share things, to scavenge, to re-purpose. You weren't a slacker anymore to re...
I  just got off of the phone with my mother.  Her two renters just gave notice to move, her property manager is threatening to quit and her live-in maintenance man can not be reached.  And it was all I could do to not say "I told you so."  My mother has a giant, soft heart and it gets a work-over...

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