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50+ ?  How about a downtown Asheville Condo??  You don't have to be a spring chick to live in accessible home. But if you are 50+ you may want to do some spcial planning in that regard. One of our investor friends mentioned the benefits of a condo that is easily accessible (elevator) and is close...
downtown asheville 1031 condo investment? The real estate market in Asheville, N.C. is heating up- FAST- despite the challenges of "The Great Mask Task." Investors in properties in the Asheville area, like a condo as a1031 Like-Kind Exchange Investment opportunity are excited about the potential ...
Aging in P A L A C EAsheville Style When considering NC Mountain homes, would you  be attracted to an age-friendly environment?  As an older adult, I have come to appreciate being in "healthy-built" and natural surroundings.  But how does that translate in terms of the "look and feel" of the plac...
 Asheville Real Estate Journal Artful and Beyond the Narrow I hopped over to The Sage Companion Project- - the other day to see what's new and artful. Beyond the narrow, this is an effort to reach out to creative people and a certain demographic you might recognize as ...
For "Golden Oldies" It's Real Estate, Asheville-style!  “Boomers” are turning into “Golden Oldies” and I am one member of that illustrious cohort.  As such,  an article in  Forbes Magazine that focused on Dream Homes-  a fantasy wish list (money no object)—a grand kitchen (of course) with two isl...
Art in Context- Staging with Wall ArtHere’s an interesting challenge: Staging with wall art that puts art in the context of happy residential real estate sales. Over the years, I’ve noticed that residential buyers often are impressed with what they see on the walls, and that includes  more than a...
HOME POST 50 My friend has been feeling the challenges of aging. “Sometimes,” she confided, “I feel like a chicken walking around in circles left out in the world-at large.” Of course, her analogy tickled me with its  bit of sardonic humor .    WISE CHOICES AS WE AGEIt’s important to make wise ch...
Real Estate, Design, and ArtAsheville Real Estate Journal I determined to major in Interior Design at the University of Miami a thousand years ago. (I’m smiling.) Along the way, I discovered amazing homes, such as those here in North Asheville, and chose instead to become a real estate broker and...
Asheville Real Estate JournalStaging for Positive Action There is value in presentation of a product, whether that be a lavish dinner at a restaurant frequented by those  who appreciate chef-level food, or - especially of interest to buyers and sellers- the visual appeal of a house.  I have alway...
Asheville Real Estate Journal . Over at the River Arts District, you will encounter artists in various mediums. Many of our clients are looking at how to "age-in-place" while staying engaged. In fact, if you are out and about around Asheville, you may notice a nod to DESIGN. Creative People live ...


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